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Great Sewing Christmas Gifts Ideas For Everyone On Your List

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about sewing Christmas gifts. But where do you begin? There are so many options! How can you possibly choose one project when there are so many amazing ideas out there? You need a little help narrowing down your choices. That’s why I’ve created this list of Christmas sewing projects from my site that will make great gifts for everyone on your list this year. 

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Why Handcrafted Christmas Presents Resonate in Today’s Tech-Savvy Society

In a world where store shelves are brimming with mass-produced items and digital gifts are just a click away, the art of sewing Christmas gifts holds a special kind of magic that no shopping spree can match. But why would someone choose to sew gifts in this age of abundance, and why would anyone want something handmade when there are so many high-tech toys and gadgets available?

Christmas sewing projects

Firstly, sewing gifts for the holidays is a deeply personal gesture. A handmade item carries with it the time, thought, and care that the giver has invested. Each stitch is a testament to the consideration given to the recipient’s tastes and needs, making it far more personal than something plucked from a shelf. In an era where everything is available at the touch of a button, taking the time to create something by hand is a rare and precious thing. A handcrafted gift is definitely a personal gift.

Let me give you another argument. Do you have anything that was passed to you through generations? I have some small objects handcrafted by my grandmother and her mother (I never even met her). I do not use them. I merely look at them and talk to my children about my family, my memories and I hope they will do the same with their children when I am no longer here. Handcrafted gifts (for example, a Christmas ornament) are a way to “talk” to the next generations perhaps.

Angel Ornament as Christmas gift

But what about the recipients? In a world where modern kids (and adults) seem to crave the latest electronics and fancy gadgets, is there still a place for handmade gifts? Absolutely. Despite the allure of shiny new tech, there’s an undeniable charm to receiving something that’s one-of-a-kind. The uniqueness of a sewn gift can’t be replicated on a factory line. Whether it’s a custom-fit garment, a quilt with carefully chosen fabrics, or a whimsical toy created with a specific person in mind, these gifts stand out precisely because they are not part of the mainstream.

Moreover, sewing allows for endless creativity and the opportunity to make something truly unique. Sewers can experiment with colors, textures, and materials to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the personality and style of the receiver. From a bespoke piece of clothing to an intricately embroidered keepsake, the possibilities are as vast as the sewist’s imagination.

Handmade doesn’t mean outdated or old-fashioned, either. Sewing has evolved, with modern patterns, vibrant fabrics, and contemporary designs that can appeal to all ages and tastes. Even children who are drawn to electronics can appreciate the novelty of a custom-made item tailored just for them, be it a soft toy modeled after their favorite character or a trendy phone accessory that complements their style.

So, can you sew something really unique? Absolutely. Sewing offers the freedom to personalize gifts in a way that buying never can. It allows the giver to embed a piece of themselves into the gift – a story, a memory, a laugh. In a world where everything can be bought, the value of something made by hand is immeasurable. It’s not just about the physical item; it’s about the experience and the connection it represents. When someone unwraps a sewn gift, they aren’t just receiving a product; they’re receiving a piece of the giver’s time, a slice of their passion, and a token of their affection.

How to sew an apron with a towel attached

In addition to the sentimental value, sewing Christmas gifts can also be a sustainable choice. In a time when environmental concerns are more pressing than ever, opting to create rather than consume is a powerful statement. Handmade gifts can be made from upcycled materials or sustainable fabrics, reducing the environmental footprint that comes with many store-bought items. By choosing to sew, you’re not only giving a gift to your loved one but also to the planet.

Sewing as a hobby can be really therapeutic. Creating something tangible can be a meditative and stress-relieving process, offering a mindful break from the digital screens that dominate our lives. The festive season can be a whirlwind of activity, and sewing allows for a moment of calm in the midst of the holiday hustle. Am I right?

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For those who worry that their sewn gifts might not be appreciated, consider this: a resurgence of appreciation for artisanal and handcrafted goods has been growing. People are beginning to value craftsmanship and the story behind the items they own. A sewn gift fits perfectly into this narrative, offering authenticity and craftsmanship that is often lost in today’s consumer culture.

Sewing Christmas gifts in today’s modern world is not an anachronism; it’s a heartfelt choice that stands out for all the right reasons. It’s a way to slow down, to show someone that they are worth the investment of your time and skills. It’s a way to offer something that no one else can – a piece of yourself. So, this holiday season, consider reaching for the needle and thread instead of the credit card. The gifts you create will be cherished not just for their material worth, but for the love woven into every stitch.

Ah, one more thing. Did I mention that making things for your loved ones is cheaper than buying 🙂? Because you have to agree, a needle book or dog waste bag holder made from scraps costs almost nothing, but both are very useful items!

Hand-Stitched Holidays: 35 Sewing Gift Ideas for a Personalized Christmas

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seamstress, there’s something on this list that will inspire you. There are a lot of wonderful Christmas sewing ideas here for various levels of expertise. This collection of sewing patterns and tutorials includes everything from simple stocking stuffers and ornaments to quilts and clothes.

Sewing Christmas Gifts For Kids

Here are a few suggestions that can help you come up with some amazing Christmas presents for your children and grandchildren this year that will not only keep them happy but also give them hours of fun playing with these gifts! It’s important that your children know how special they are to you. You want them to feel loved and appreciated. So why not take the stress out of getting their presents ready by making something fun and unique?

#1. Make A Beautiful Outfit For A Barbie Doll


Making clothes for Barbie dolls is a lot of fun, but there are so many patterns and it can be hard to find the right one. I created this tutorial to help people out with that. My step-by-step tutorial with lots of photos and even a video will show you how to make the top and skirt so even beginners can create this cute outfit for a Barbie doll using these free patterns.

The top has kimono sleeves, and a collar and can be tied at the front or back. The skirt is gathered around the waist. Handmade doll clothes can’t be replicated by store-bought items, making this DIY Barbie outfit a unique and thoughtful gift. It’s a delightful way to inspire play and imagination, giving a special child in your life a custom fashion piece for their beloved doll this Christmas.

DIY Barbie doll clothes patterns

#2. How To Make 18-inch Doll Clothes Out Of Socks


Transforming a pair of knee-high socks into a fashionable outfit for an 18-inch doll is a creative and cost-effective Christmas gift idea. This sewing project is ideal for those looking to handcraft a unique present without the expense of high-priced doll attire. The tutorial offers a step-by-step guide on how to make a complete set of doll clothes, including tights, a beanie, and a hoodie, all from a single pair of socks.

It’s a perfect match for any 18-inch doll, ensuring that the clothes will fit just right. By following the tutorial, you can create a cozy fall outfit that’s sure to delight any child.


How To Make American Girl Doll Clothes Out Of Socks

#3. How to make a lovey blanket – a DIY bunny lovey


The DIY bunny lovey blanket is a wonderful project for anyone looking to create a heartfelt and cozy Christmas present, especially for new moms and their little ones. This lovey combines the comforting features of a soft blanket with the cuteness of a plush bunny head, making it a perfect snuggle companion for babies. The sewing pattern is free to download – it’s easy enough that even beginners can make one! Plus, once your baby outgrows this blanket you can turn it into their first toy. The DIY lovey blanket helps babies feel safe no matter where they are.

How to make a bunny lovey as a Christmas present

#4. How To Sew A Headband DIY Free Sewing Pattern And Tutorial


Learn how to sew a headband with this easy sewing tutorial. Choose your favorite fabric and follow these simple steps and then get creative by putting your own spin on it. This is the perfect project for beginners, so don’t be afraid of giving it a try. The video includes instructions for three different headbands made from various fabrics.

These are also ideal projects for upcycling old clothes you no longer wear or want anymore! This handmade headband can be a charming stocking stuffer or a standalone gift, perfect for those who appreciate the care and thought that goes into a homemade present. It’s a fun way to show someone you care by crafting something both beautiful and useful. Have fun making them!

how to make stretchy headband

#5. DIY Fabric Flowers Tutorial


These fabric flowers are so fun to make and you don’t need a lot of supplies. This tutorial will show you how to create these beautiful fabric flowers that can be used for embellishing any Christmas gifts you make for kids – headbands, clothing, and accessories. The best part is that this whole process takes less than 15 minutes!

Whether you’re attaching them to other homemade items or using them to spruce up store-bought gifts, they’re a testament to the thought and effort you’ve put into your gift-giving.

This project is not only a quick and satisfying craft to undertake but also a wonderful opportunity to introduce young crafters to the joys of sewing, as they can easily get involved and make something beautiful with their own hands. So grab your needle and thread today because this DIY is perfect for beginners of all ages.

How to make fabric flowers

Sewing Christmas Gifts For Moms

Christmas is coming and you want to make a special gift for your mom. But what? We all know that moms are the hardest people to buy gifts for because most of them already have everything they need. So how do we find that perfect gift?

Sewing Christmas gifts for your mom is not easy, but it’s the best way to show her how much you care about her. Making Christmas gifts for moms can be very rewarding if you choose the right project. Here are some ideas that I think would work well as gifts for Moms on Christmas day.

#6. Quilted Christmas Table Runner


Make a gorgeous quilted Christmas table runner for your holiday home with this pinwheel quilt pattern idea. This pretty pattern is made out of cheerful colors and prints and will look great on your table. Use your favorite Christmas fabrics. This table runner makes a great gift and is ideal if you need to dress up a Christmas table. This is quite easy to make so would suit a beginner. As long as you know how to use your sewing machine and sew a straight line, you should be able to tackle this one.

How To Make A Quilted Christmas Table Runner

#7. Bargello Christmas Table Runner


Bargello quilts are beautiful and intricate, but it seems they can be intimidating to make. 

The good news is that you don’t have to be an experienced quilter to create a bargello table runner. It’s easier than you think and doesn’t require any special skills or tools. We’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide for how to make a bargello table runner that shows you exactly how it’s done.  All you need is patience and some time on your hands because the process takes time, but the end result will leave everyone satisfied. 

Bargello Quilt Tutorial

#8. Make This Placemat For Christmas: Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial


Foundation paper piecing is a great way to make placemats that are easy and fun! You don’t need much fabric for this project. This tutorial includes step-by-step instructions with photos and videos so anyone can easily follow along. Make these placemats as gifts for the holidays or keep them all for yourself. Either way, they’ll look cute on your table this holiday season.

Foundation paper piecing tutorial

#9. Zipper Pouch Tutorial


We all love organizing our stuff, but it seems like the most attractive and durable organizers are always super expensive. Why buy a $50 organizer when you can make your own for just a few dollars? This zippered pouch is perfect for holding makeup, pens, pencils, or anything else that needs to be organized. 

Follow this free pattern and tutorial to learn how to make this pretty little pouch yourself. The best part about making your own is that you can customize it any way you want! Add pockets inside of the lining if needed, and change out the zipper color – whatever works best for your needs!

How to sew a zipper pouch without dented corners

#10. Trapunto Pillow


The trapunto quilting technique will make your pillows stand out. It’s an impressive way to finish off any pillow project you are working on. This tutorial will show you how to use this interesting quilting technique for your next project. Follow these steps and create something beautiful. This tutorial will walk you through how to master the trapunto quilting technique and create beautiful projects like this pillow top below.

Trapunto pillow

#11. How To Make A Towel Wrap Cover-up And A Shower Cap


Here are two easy sewing projects from terry cloth towels. The first one is an adorable towel wrap cover-up and the second one is a hair-drying shower cap. Both projects don’t require any special skills or tools. Just follow my step-by-step video tutorial. I also have lots of tips about working with terry cloth.

How to make a towel wrap cover-up and a hair drying shower cap from terry towels –

#12. Silk Pillowcase


If you are looking for a great Christmas gift idea, then this silk pillowcase tutorial is perfect for you.

This is the easiest way to create an amazing gift in just a few steps. You can use any fabric but I prefer to use natural silk. The most important thing is that it should be comfortable to sleep on.

Making your own pillowcase with French seams will take less than an hour of your time!  

How to sew a pillowcase with French seams

#13. Sleep Mask


Sew a personalized sleep mask from 100% silk fabric. After all, we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so why shouldn’t our sleep accessories reflect that? You can download a free PDF pattern of the mask. These steps are only recommendations and you can adjust everything to your liking. For example, I put this fun embroidery on the mask, but it’s not necessary and you can embellish the mask as you want or just leave it plain. 

You don’t have to be a master seamstress in order to sew this project. We provide clear instructions with lots of images so even beginners can follow along easily.

DIY sleep mask from silk fabric

#14. Beach Dress Cover-up


In this tutorial, we’ll be making a simple but stylish swimsuit cover-up that’s perfect for wearing over your favorite swimsuit at the pool or at the beach. The best part is that you don’t need any commercial pattern. You can draw the pattern lines right on your fabric and cut them out. It is very easy! Plus, if you want something custom-made like lace trimming around the neckline or waistband – go ahead and add it yourself. There are endless possibilities when designing your own clothes from scratch. 

how to sew beach cover up

#15. How to make a unique apron with a towel attached


Creating a handmade apron with an attached towel is a charming and practical sewing project that can serve as a wonderful Christmas present for those who love spending time in the kitchen or engaging in crafting activities. This DIY apron tutorial provides a straightforward guide on how to make an apron that not only aids in cooking and cleanup but also adds a unique flair to kitchen décor.

DIY aprons are not only a thoughtful and useful gift, but they also offer an affordable way to give something special and custom-made. This project allows for creativity and practicality to merge, resulting in a gift that’s both personal and practical, perfect for the holiday season.

I am wearing an apron I made from quilting cotton

#16. Christmas Stocking Unicorn


In this tutorial, you will find detailed and hopefully easy-to-implement instructions on how to make a DIY Christmas stocking Unicorn. I think Christmas stockings can be anything you want, and it all depends on your imagination. You can come up with any style, change the color and fabrics, decorate them with crystals, or other things that give you inspiration – have fun! This is an unusual idea for those who are looking for something different as decorations on their mantelpiece during the festive season. 

Unicorn Christmas stocking

#17. How To Sew A Quilted Placemat (Free Pattern & Tutorial)


Sewing a quilted placemat for Christmas is a wonderful project for both beginners and seasoned sewists. This tutorial provides an easy and quick way to create a beautiful placemat using festive Christmas fabric, perfect for gifting or dressing up your own holiday table.

The process is simplified by using 24 identical fabric squares, eliminating the need for cutting complex shapes such as triangles and parallelograms. This approach not only saves time but also ensures a harmonious design, especially when using a variety of coordinating Christmas prints.

For quilting the placemat, a simple straight-line quilting method is demonstrated, which can be easily accomplished on a home sewing machine.

How to sew a quilted placemat step-by-step tutorial

Easy And Quick To Sew Christmas Gifts

We all know that making something special for our loved ones is a great way to show them how much we care about them, but it can be hard to find the time. 

With these tutorials, you will learn how to sew simple yet beautiful gifts in no time at all! You’ll be able to create unique Christmas gifts without having to spend hours on end working on one project. In fact, most of these projects take less than an hour from start to finish! 

#18. Super Easy DIY Scrunchie


Have you ever made a scrunchie? It’s a very useful thing – just an elastic band for hair, which is made from a variety of materials. In this sewing tutorial, I will show you how to make a super easy DIY scrunchie. Scrunchies are so easy and fun to make! You can use any fabric you like, but I recommend using high-quality soft material that won’t harm your hair. You can have (and probably need) scrunchies for different outfits, for different moods. Of course, you can simply buy them, but what you make yourself is always valued more and lasts longer, isn’t it?

#19. How To Sew A Beanie 


Learn how to sew a beanie hat. DIY beanie is a great beginner sewing project. You can get it done in 30 minutes. And you can even make it without a pattern from the knit fabric of your choice. The best way to sew the DIY beanie hat is from jersey knit fabric, fleece, velvet, and lace. You can even use a boring old sweater or soft knitted dress. So if you want something unique and different than just another plain hat – follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to sew a beanie without a pattern.

How to sew a beanie hat - a new easy way

#20. How To Sew A Simple Scarf


In this sewing tutorial, I will show you how to sew a scarf from wool flannel fabric. Fashion changes, but scarves are always relevant and at the same time practical and comfortable so it’s good to know how to sew a scarf easily, especially since it’s a very easy beginner sewing project. Also learn how to cut fabric straight, how to sew buttonholes, and how to sew on a button. 

How to sew a simple scarf

#21. Owl Pincushion


Here is a step-by-step video sewing tutorial on how to make an owl pin cushion. Unusual sewing idea plus a free sewing pattern. It’s a really easy sewing project even for beginners without much sewing experience. Use this pin cushion while working on a sewing project to hold all your pins. 

Sewing is such a fun hobby, but it can also be very frustrating when pins get misplaced or needles go missing. With this simple project, all of those problems are solved. Plus, this pincushion doubles as an adorable decoration for your desk or craft room. It’s sure to bring some cheer into any space it inhabits. It’s also a great gift idea for friends and family members who love sewing or quilting.

Super Owl pincushion thread types and uses (2)

#22. Tulle Christmas Tree


Try making a tulle Christmas tree – they look great on their own or in combination with another festive décor. Tulle trees are easy to make even if you’re not an experienced crafter so it won’t take much time or effort but will add a lot of charm to any room in the house. In this tutorial, I will show you how simple it is to create one of these adorable holiday decorations.

Tulle Christmas Tree

#23. Adorable DIY Needle Book | The Ideal Christmas Gift for Crafters


Delight the sewing enthusiast in your life with a handmade present that’s both cute and functional. The DIY needle book is a charming and easy-to-make gift that’s perfect for beginners to tackle. With this project, the recipient will never misplace a needle again.

This needle book not only keeps various needles neatly organized with special tags for each type but also ensures the right needle is always at hand for any sewing task. Crafted from leftover fabric scraps, it’s an eco-friendly choice that gives new life to otherwise unused materials.

The simple construction process allows even those new to sewing to create a personalized and stylish needle organizer. This DIY needle book is not just a gift; it’s a thoughtful gesture that supports and celebrates the recipient’s creative hobbies during the festive season.

learn how to make a needle book

#24. DIY Makeup Bag | A Personalized Christmas Gift Idea


Surprise someone special this Christmas with a custom-crafted DIY makeup bag. This project is a fantastic way to repurpose fabric scraps into a beautiful and practical gift. Suitable for sewists of all skill levels, it can be whipped up in just an afternoon thanks to the comprehensive step-by-step instructions, complete with helpful images and video guidance.

The result is a chic quilted makeup bag, that keeps cosmetics neatly in place. The personal touch of a hand-sewn gift, tailored to someone’s taste and color preferences, makes it all the more meaningful. This DIY makeup bag is not just a gift but a special keepsake that can be treasured and used every day.

DIY makeup bag tutorial

#25. Easy DIY Fabric Storage Pods | A Customizable Christmas Gift


For a creative and useful Christmas gift, consider making DIY fabric storage pods. With a simple and free pattern, this project is for anyone who wants to craft a special present. The step-by-step tutorial makes sewing these pods straightforward, allowing for customization in color and size to match the recipient’s tastes and needs.

These storage pods are versatile around the home, ideal for holding sewing accessories, yarn, or other small items. Presenting them in a pair of sizes adds to their functionality, offering options for various storage solutions. Handmade gifts like these storage pods show thoughtfulness and care, making them a perfect holiday surprise for friends and family who appreciate organized spaces and handmade crafts.

ebook on making DIY fabric storage pods

Christmas Gifts For Dog Owners

#26. How To Make An Over The Collar Dog Bandana | Free Pattern And Tutorial


For dog owners who love to craft, making an over-the-collar dog bandana is a delightful project that puts those leftover fabric scraps to good use. What sets this DIY project apart is the addition of small LED lights, which are not only fashionable but also enhance your dog’s visibility during evening walks, ensuring their safety.

Unlike traditional bandanas that need to be tied around the dog’s neck, this over-the-collar design allows the bandana to slip over the dog’s existing collar, making it an integral part of the collar itself. This feature is particularly beneficial for pet owners who worry about the bandana becoming too tight or causing discomfort for their pet. The over-the-collar dog bandana stays securely in place without the need for knots or clasps, providing a fuss-free way to dress up your dog for any occasion.

It’s a quick project that yields impressive results, making it a wonderful gift idea for fellow dog lovers.

How To Make An Over The Collar Dog Bandana | Free Pattern And Tutorial

#27. DIY Dog Poop Bag Holder | The Perfect Christmas Gift for Pet Owners


This holiday season, craft a thoughtful and practical gift for the dog lovers in your life with this DIY dog poop bag holder. It’s a fantastic project for those quilting remnants, requiring only a small swatch of fabric. This easy-to-follow tutorial will help you create a charming holder that conveniently attaches to a pet’s leash, providing a stylish solution for carrying poop bags on the go. It eliminates the all-too-common pocket fumble. Give the gift of convenience and handmade love with this unique and easy scrap buster project. A free bone template is included.

dog poop bag holder

Sewing Christmas Gifts To Hang On A Tree

Here are some easy projects that will help you create fun, handmade ornaments to hang on your tree without too much hassle! You’ll easily fill up your tree with these cute DIYs! And it’s fun to make them together with your kids. I hope you enjoy these handmade ornaments as much as I do! They are quick to make and they add such a special touch to any Christmas tree.

#28. How To Make Unique Christmas Ornaments


Looking to add a little something different and fun to a Christmas tree this year? These DIY ornaments are easy, inexpensive, and can be used as a great Christmas gift too! In bright pink with some sparkles, they will surely stand out from traditional ornaments. Click here for my step-by-step video tutorial that’s an easy craft project even for beginners. 

Unique DIY Christmas Ornaments

#29. No Sew Christmas Ornaments


Making ornaments is one of the most popular DIY crafts around the holidays because it’s cheap, easy to do, and can be done without too much equipment. And if you are looking for an original craft idea for kids, then making these simple no-sew Christmas tree ornaments could be just what you need! This project requires only a few supplies so it won’t cost much money at all. Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to make these cute little red ball ornaments using just fabric scraps.

No-Sew Fabric Christmas Ornament to Easily Personalize Your Tree

#30. DIY Angel Christmas Ornament


In this tutorial, I will show you how to make DIY angel ornaments for a Christmas tree. It’s an easy DIY Christmas project. Nothing says “Christmas” better than an angel ornament! An angel is one of the main symbols of Christmas. No Christmas tree is complete without angel ornaments. They are the best DIY Christmas decorations. All materials can be found at your local store and they’re inexpensive too – perfect if you want to do some last-minute holiday crafting (or shopping!) Give them as gifts or add them to your home decor. 

Angel Ornament

In-the-Hoop Embroidery Projects for Christmas Gifting

#31. In The Hoop Christmas Ornaments: A Snowman


If you’re looking for a festive and creative Christmas gift idea, consider crafting In the Hoop (ITH) Christmas ornaments with your embroidery machine. These designs are perfect for anyone with a 5″ x 7″ hoop and are a fantastic way to maximize the capabilities of your machine. This ITH project is exceptionally user-friendly, suitable for both beginners and seasoned embroiderers.

The process of stitching these stuffed ornaments is straightforward and quick, allowing you to produce a charming holiday decoration without requiring extensive embroidery experience. What’s more, these ornaments can be personalized by filling them with small treats, such as chocolate kisses or peppermint patties, adding a sweet surprise for the recipient.

Creating these ornaments offers a dual delight—you can gift them to friends and family, adding a handmade touch to their holiday decor, or you can adorn your own space with these delightful creations. Whichever path you choose, these ITH Christmas ornaments are sure to spread cheer and warmth, making them an excellent addition to anyone’s festive celebrations.

In-The-Hoop Christmas Ornaments A Snowman

#32. In-The-Hoop Lined Zippered Bags: A Step-By-Step Tutorial, Free Design


Creating an in-the-hoop lined zippered bag can be a fantastic DIY project, especially as a personalized Christmas present. With a step-by-step tutorial, even those new to using an embroidery machine can learn to craft a stylish accessory. By choosing a free design that features a festive poinsettia, the bag can be tailored for the holiday season, making it an ideal gift for organizing personal items or as a standalone present. This project not only elevates your sewing skills but also allows you to transform simple fabric into a thoughtful and practical creation that any crafting enthusiast would appreciate.

christmas zipper bag in the hoop

#33. Composition Book Cover With A Matching Bookmark: In The Hoop Embroidery (Free Design)


Embroidery enthusiasts looking for a unique Christmas gift idea can delve into this project that combines functionality with personal touch. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a custom composition book cover with a matching bookmark using your embroidery machine. The cover, crafted from clear vinyl, is not only stylish but also practical, offering a layer of protection against spills, scratches, and the general wear and tear that books often endure in a school setting. This personalized cover keeps the composition book in pristine condition, making it a thoughtful and durable Christmas present for students or anyone who enjoys writing or journaling. 

Composition book cover in the hoop

#34. Unique In the hoop embroidery project: a Zipper pouch (free design)


For those who enjoy machine embroidery and are in search of a quick and delightful Christmas gift, this zipper pouch project is an excellent choice. The tutorial guides you through a unique method to create a charming zipper pouch in-the-hoop, which is not only a fun activity but also yields a practical item.

This project is particularly great for repurposing those small yet beloved fabric scraps, turning them into a colorful and playful pattern within the design. The addition of clear vinyl not only secures the fabric pieces in place but also adds a layer of protection, making the pouch durable, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean.

The end result is a vibrant and functional zipper pouch that can hold essentials such as cosmetics, art supplies, or tech gadgets. It’s a perfect blend of homemade charm and utilitarian value, making it a thoughtful and personalized Christmas present for friends and family.

In the hoop embroidery project making a pouch

#35. Fabric Christmas Tree Baby Bib: In The Hoop Embroidery Project


It’s Christmas time and if you’re thinking of a lasting, meaningful gift for new moms then making personalized baby bibs is the perfect option! It’s so much more meaningful than buying something at the store because you made it yourself with love! Once finished, this bib will be soft and absorbent, making it comfortable enough to wear. Plus, with its festive holiday design and bright colors, it’s sure to become one of the baby’s favorite accessories!

Fabric Christmas Tree Baby Bib

Did you find this tutorial helpful? If so, save this pin (see below) on your sewing board so you can come to this tutorial later when you are ready for sewing Christmas gifts, and follow me on Pinterest for more tips, tutorials, and inspiration!

If you found this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to save the pin provided below to your sewing board on Pinterest. This way, you can easily return to this guide when you’re ready to start sewing Christmas gifts. Following me on Pinterest will keep you updated with more useful tips, tutorials, and inspiration for all your sewing projects. It’s a great way to stay connected and inspired throughout your sewing journey, especially during the Christmas season when crafting handmade gifts adds personal warmth to your celebrations.

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Tuesday 28th of November 2023

Thank you Olga for the wonderful Christmas ideas!

Pamela Hunt

Tuesday 28th of November 2023

Great stuff - many thanks!! I'll be making some of these - I especially like the zipper pouch! I love reading your stuff.

Debbie Land

Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

These are great but I need something for a 9 yr old boy. Help please

Olga Balasa

Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

My son when he was 9 wanted Lego, Lego and more Lego. At 11 I remember he wanted (and got) the Lego version of the aircraft carrier, and let me tell you, he killed a LOT of enemies with that thing, and he populated the flight deck with all his Lego figurines and machines! Things have changed now, kids want as far as I know mostly video games, latest consoles, latest gadgets, etc. Sorry, have no real insight into what a 9 year old wants now. Sorry ... Perhaps you can try asking in the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/224047158665045?

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