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My name is Olga Balasa.
I started this blog because I am obsessed with sewing (as other people tell me) and would like to teach others how to sew and make easy sewing projects.

When you read my blog you may notice that English is not my primary language though I try very hard to hide it. Really, I check every word with online tools, I give some of my articles to editors, etc.
Still, I am sure everybody can understand I am not an English native because sometimes my sentences might not exactly be the ones a native English speaking person would use.

But I am not producing literature or impressing you with my writing skills. I want to teach you to sew and I believe my 30 years of experience in sewing matters. I believe I can make a great content and keep it helpful, fresh, engaging, fun and simple.
And if your English readership will stumble upon some obvious mistakes please don’t hold it against me and send me a note to this email or leave a comment in one of my pages.

What will make my blog different from many other sewing blogs and how will I catch your attention?

1. First of all, I want to convince you that sewing is a kind of art not just a useful hobby ( even if it is very useful ). You will learn together with me techniques which will achieve professional results yet can be done quickly and efficiently. I plan to make many pages with easy sewing projects on my blog and I want you to learn sewing by doing.

2. Second, let’s use natural and organic fabrics as much as possible. As I advance in age I notice more and more how well my body reacts to natural fibers and the adverse effects of artificial fibers especially if in direct contact with the skin and in a warm climate where the skin perspires more. No, I am not a purist, just a realist. I am not against using artificial fibers where appropriate.

3. Third, I want to show you that even if sewing as an occupation is thousands years old, in the modern world it is so much different than it was even 30 years ago. Modern sewing machines are real computers. Do you know that your sewing machine can have WiFi and be connected to your phone? And what about all these modern sewing tools that help you to sew? Markers with disappearing inks, water soluble threads, self-threading needles and other wonders of modern technology will make your sewing effortless and enjoyable.

4. And forth – sewing is closely connected to style and fashion, so I will try to give you some recommendations going beyond sewing so you will never run out of design ideas.

And one last thought that bothers me all the time now.

Yes, I sew but I am not a sewer. English is a little strange for me sometimes. It is like calling a person who draws – a drawer. I positively refuse to be named a sewer. What’s pop up first when you put the word sewer in Google – “an underground conduit for carrying off drainage water and waste matter”.
Yes, their pronunciation is a little different, but nevertheless, I will never accept that I am a sewer.

I wonder what word should I use for people who sew? When I write my articles, I need to use the word pretty often although I try to avoid it as much as possible. What word to use?

So, I tried to come up with some ideas, but they all failed.
How about fabricologist?
Or materialist?
I hope I made you laugh.

But seriously, what word should I use instead of a SEWER?
I saw some people use a word SEWIST. And I used it a few times but my spell checker doesn’t agree with this word and underlines it with a red line, it seems to be a newer addition to the English language that did not yet reach notoriety.
Maybe SEAMSTRESS? The definition is “a woman who sews, especially one who earns her living by sewing”. It is not really my case, I am mostly spending money when I sew. And in the modern world this is no longer politically correct, what about the men that sew?
What about Tayloress? – a woman “whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as suits, pants, and jackets to fit individual customers.” It doesn’t sound very promising either because we sew many things for the home also.
Modern society created so many amazing things in the world of sewing. Can we create some really nice word for people who sew and use it?

So, I need to know your opinion. Here is a poll where you can vote.


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