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How To Make A Fabric Christmas Tree: 31 Sewing Tutorials

A fabric Christmas tree is an easy way to create Christmas decor for your home or to give as gifts. You can make many different types and styles, and I’m showing you a collection of 31 fabric Christmas tree patterns you can make yourself.

The Christmas season just doesn’t feel complete unless you have a Christmas tree (or 7) around your home! When you hear “Christmas tree,” you probably envision a large 6 or 7-footer that sits in the family room and holds all the twinkling lights and sparkly decorations.

But, what about smaller fabric Christmas trees that you can sew and use to decorate other parts of the house without taking up a considerable amount of floor space? I love making them because there’s such a large variety of styles and possibilities.

how to make fabric Christmas tree, 31 sewing tutorials and patterns

In addition to our massive tree, I also have several small fabric Christmas trees that I use to decorate the mantle, kitchen, and dining table. And I scatter a few extra around the house for safe measure, too.

If you want to add a little extra sparkle to your Christmas decorations this year, try making one (or more!) of these fabric Christmas tree patterns. Most are free, and some may cost a little bit, but all of them are terrific.

How To Make A Fabric Christmas Tree

There are many different styles of fabric for Christmas trees and even more ways to create one of your own. I gathered together several examples of patterns and divided them into groups. That way, you can see how similar or different all of these styles are from each other. 

If your holiday to-do list has sewing a Christmas tree on it, check out these patterns to help you choose the one you want to make.

Tulle Fabric Christmas Tree

Making a Tulle Christmas Tree is simple, and there are several ways to make them. With mine, the final product looks light and wispy, almost like an angel. I have a full tutorial showing you the process step-by-step.

Tulle Christmas trees on a red table

Making your own decorations is always fun, and this tulle Christmas tree is no exception. You can use it as part of your holiday decor or give it away as a gift! It’s easy to make and looks beautiful. And if you don’t like the way something turns out, just keep practicing until you get it right. The possibilities are endless with this DIY project! You don’t need to be an expert sewist – even beginners can do this project easily at home.

You can also customize your tulle Christmas tree by adding ribbon bows or glittery embellishments for extra pizzazz. Either way, these little trees look great anywhere they go and add a touch of sparkle wherever they stand. 

Click here now to watch my step-by-step video tutorial on how to make your own tulle Christmas tree.

A Crafty Mix takes another spin on making tulle trees and uses wine glasses as the base for round, cone-shaped tulle fabric Christmas trees. The process is simple and budget-friendly, and you can even include lights for an elegant decoration. You can use it as a centerpiece on the table!

Patterns For DIY Fabric Christmas Trees

Sew Thankful provides a very affordable pattern and creates a pyramid-shaped 3-D Christmas tree out of fabric. The design includes two different sizes and ideas for decorating your final products when you display them. This fabric Christmas tree pattern is a great way to use up some of your stash of leftover holiday fabrics!

The Sewing Directory offers a 6-sided, padded DIY fabric Christmas tree pattern for free. You’ll need 2-3 fat quarters in different prints and the downloadable pattern. This project looks much more complicated than it is, which is ideal for beginners, and you can complete it quickly. Once you have it stuffed and closed up, it’s ready to display on your table, counter, or mantel.

Create quick and easy tabletop fabric Christmas trees with this pattern from Bombshell Bling. The free pattern includes all three tree shapes and directions for making the stands so you can display your trees upright on any table or platform.

Stuffed Fabric Christmas Tree

These examples of trees are all stuffed to give them some extra dimension. Although the techniques are similar, they do vary a little to create different final products.

These trees from County Road 407 are adorable! There is a link to her Facebook Live event where she made these trees live so you can follow along. I love that she shows pictures of different designs for inspiration. Grab the template and some scrap fabric, and follow the video or the detailed instructions to make your own stuffed fabric Christmas trees.

This free DIY fabric Christmas tree pattern from Hearth And Vine includes four different tree shapes! The significant difference between these two patterns is that the seams are hidden in the example above. The seams are left out with these fabric Christmas trees, and the stands use burlap to make a sack effect.

Yo-Yo Fabric Christmas Tree

These patterns make some cute trees from yo-yos made in decreasing sizes. Make your trees tall and thin or short and very round - it’s up to you! When it comes to the exact look of these trees, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Download the free template from Positively Splendid and follow the detailed tutorial showing how to make yo-yo fabric Christmas trees. Attach a star at the top to complete the look and display your one-of-a-kind festive decoration.

Quilting Digest offers several resources to help you make these yo-yo fabric Christmas trees. Grab some scraps of fabric in as many holiday patterns or colors as you want. Then check out the tutorials and patterns offered and have fun making your trees.

Kanzashi Fabric Christmas Tree Tutorial

This is one design from Craft Passion that looks much more complicated than it actually is. It uses two types of fold petals (a round tip and a pointy tip) which might take a little practice to get the hang of. Just watch the YouTube video and give it a try. Once you do it a few times, you’ll be ready to make your own tree.

Fabric Christmas Tree In The Hoop (embroidery)

This style of DIY fabric Christmas tree pattern is a type of embroidery. The tree’s three sides are made in the hoop. Then you use your sewing machine to join everything together. It’s a quick and easy design (complete with detailed instructions) that makes a lovely festive tree from Sweet Pea.

If you're thinking of a lasting and meaningful gift for Christmas, making personalized baby bibs is the perfect option. It's so much more meaningful than buying something at the store because you made it yourself with love!

Let me show you how to make a fabric Christmas tree baby bib in the hoop. This design takes about an hour to finish (from start to finish) and when you're done stitching it up - you get something really unique and your creation will be ready to wear!

Once finished, this bib will be soft and absorbent, making it comfortable enough to wear. Plus, with its festive holiday design and bright colors, it’s sure to become one of baby’s favorite accessories! Your little one will look adorable in their new handmade accessory while keeping them dry during mealtime or playtime. And since they are made from 100% cotton fabrics, these bibs are machine washable too!

Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree

If you just want a simple design that doesn’t require any sewing, this one from Sailrite is for you! Isn’t it cute? You just cut out small scraps of fabric and hot glue them in a Christmas tree shape. Then frame and display your unique creation!

Hook Stitch Sew takes fabric scraps, sews them into squares, and folds the center corner of the squares up to make a quick and easy design that’s adorable enough to give as DIY holiday gifts.

DIY Fabric Christmas Tree

The final product of this design from Fab Art DIY looks like a yo-yo tree, but it comes together using a different method. However, instead of stacking up individual fabric disks, this tree uses one long strip of fabric to create a ruffled effect. This fabric Christmas tree doesn’t take up much space at all so if you don’t have room for a real tree, this one fits perfectly in small spaces on your mantel or tabletop.

Folded Fabric Christmas Tree

Here’s a no-sew, cone-shaped version that’s easy to make and very eye-catching. Instead of sewing the fabric into the design, all you need to do is pin it into a styrofoam cone shape. Watch the entire (short) tutorial video from Art Gallery Fabrics and try one yourself.

Fabric Christmas Tree Wall Hangings

These DIY fabric Christmas tree patterns all have one thing in common: you can hang them on your wall. If you’re a quilter or just prefer not to take up valuable table space, check out these designs.

Do you love to quilt or want a good beginner project? Jordan Fabrics created a lovely simple quilted design. Grab the affordable pattern and watch the YouTube tutorial to get started.

Make this modern Christmas tree block quilt from Diary Of A Quilter if you prefer a slightly different take on a tree quilt. The blocks come together quickly in this beginner-level quilt pattern.

This pattern from Quilt Fabrication featuring snow-capped Christmas trees is unique and stunning! The tree designs are created using appliqué to create a pattern that even a beginner can make.

If you crave a design that’s more challenging, check out this project from The Crafty Quilter. Polka dots form the Christmas tree, which is surrounded by quilt blocks.

If you’re looking for something slightly more versatile, this free fabric Christmas tree pattern from Sew Can She can hang on your wall all year long. Like pine trees themselves, it’s simple enough to be more evergreen than strictly “Christmas.”

This charming design from Moda Fabrics uses yo-yos in a different configuration to create a wall hanging. Don’t the buttons add the perfect touch to the yo-yos? My favorite part of this design might be the quilted presents underneath the tree.

Although this treetops design from All People Quilt can be displayed only at Christmas, it’s also simple and evergreen enough that it would look fantastic on a wall or in a cabin year-round.

If you’re looking for a fabric Christmas tree quilt design that’s a little outside the box, this one from We All Sew is the winner. This design is so much fun! It uses colors other than red and green to create a simple quilt design featuring a Christmas tree made entirely out of circles.

Create a charming and unique ornament with the Folded Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament tutorial from The Inquiring Quilter. This project is perfect for using up fabric scraps and adding a handmade touch to your holiday decor. The folding technique gives the ornament an intricate look.

Embrace the holiday spirit with a Stacked Star Christmas Tree that stands out with its 3D design. This free sewing pattern from Fabric Art DIY provides a festive and fun way to decorate your home. Plus, it's a great opportunity to mix and match fabrics for a personalized touch.

This Ribbon Loop Christmas Tree from Crafty Morning is an excellent project for those who love texture and color. It's a simple yet effective way to create a decorative piece that children can also participate in making. The loops of ribbon create a lush, full tree that looks fantastic on any table or mantle.

Sew a Squishy 3D Christmas Tree for a soft and cuddly addition to your festive decorations. This Christmas sewing project is not only adorable but also perfect for gifting. The squishy design is safe for kids and makes for a cozy holiday companion. Visit the full tutorial here - Stitch Club.

Bring the holiday cheer into your home with a handcrafted Fabric Christmas Tree Banner from Fabric Art DIY. This delightful sewing pattern lets you create a decorative piece that's perfect for draping across the mantel, on the wall, or even in the doorway. The pattern typically involves sewing together individual fabric trees, each with its own texture, creating a charming forest effect when strung together.

The trees can be adorned with buttons, sequins, or embroidery to add an extra touch of holiday sparkle. This project is a fantastic way to utilize fabric remnants and can be customized to fit any color scheme or decor style. With detailed instructions, even those with basic sewing skills can create a festive and eye-catching banner to celebrate the season.

Add a cozy, Scandinavian-inspired touch to your holiday decor with these DIY Nordic Sweater Mini Christmas Trees. This project from Blesser House is a great way to create a set of charming, rustic decorations that will warm up any room. 

The familiar knit patterns of the sweaters make each tree a one-of-a-kind piece that adds a homely feel to your festive decorations. These mini trees are perfect for adorning tabletops, shelves, or as part of a larger holiday display.

For a detailed guide on creating your own set of these adorable mini Christmas trees, be sure to visit the full tutorial: DIY Nordic Sweater Mini Christmas Trees.

If you're looking to add a handmade touch to your holiday decor, this tutorial on how to make Fabric Christmas Tree Bunting from Deb’s Days is just what you need. It's a cute, quick, and easy holiday garland project idea that will bring cheer to your walls or mantelpiece.

The tutorial guides you through the process of creating charming fabric Christmas tree shapes that are then strung together to form a delightful bunting banner. This project is a fantastic way to spruce up your holiday home. The simplicity of the design makes it accessible for sewers of all levels, and the end result is a stylish garland that showcases your crafting skills and holiday spirit.

Embark on a crafting journey this holiday season with your embroidery machine and create a charming Christmas Tree Tea Light Cover with this In-the-Hoop machine embroidery project from We All Sew. In-the-hoop projects are a fantastic way to fully utilize your embroidery machine, as they are designed to be completed entirely within the embroidery hoop, eliminating the need for additional sewing machine steps.

This particular project is perfect for those looking to add a warm, festive glow to their holiday decor. The finished tea light cover measures 3-1/2" wide by 4" tall. 

The project is an excellent opportunity to practice and showcase your machine embroidery skills. The end result is a cozy, illuminated Christmas tree that's sure to brighten up your holiday evenings.

For a complete walkthrough of how to create this festive tea light cover, visit the tutorial here: Christmas Tree Tea Light Cover In the Hoop.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of DIY fabric Christmas tree patterns. No matter what kind of design you have in mind for a fabric Christmas tree, you’re sure to find an example in this list to help you create that perfect, one-of-a-kind final product you dream of displaying this holiday season.

Did you enjoy this roundup post? If you did, don’t forget to bookmark this pin (see below) on your Pinterest sewing board! That way, you can easily return to this guide on making fabric Christmas trees whenever you’re ready to start crafting. Plus, make sure to follow me on Pinterest to stay updated with more sewing advice, step-by-step guides, and creative inspiration!

how to make fabric Christmas trees

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Michelle Leslie

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

So many lovely ideas to try, especially when you don't have the space for the real thing and you have kitties that see baubles and tinsel as a challenge to create mass destruction :D

P.S. Thank you so much for including our wine glass and tulle Christmas trees in your fabric Christmas tree roundup.

Olga Balasa

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

Thank you; I had a cat like this! But as she grew older, she lost the desire to play. On rare occasions would Her Majesty deem necessary to give her attention to us, servants, who better make sure that plate has fresh food every morning! If I find an image, I will post it. Very beautiful kitty.

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