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When You Need A Break … Jokes!

If you sew, then you know the problem with working on a sewing machine. Sometimes for hours, and the posture of the body is not always the best. Back pain, your feet go to sleep, the vision becomes unclear and your eyes are dry. It becomes difficult to concentrate on the task.

Comfortable furniture, a good table or chair, a foot rest, good lighting are essential, and I wrote about these because they really make a difference.

IKEA Sewing Room Ideas for small spaces
Sewing room lighting ideas
How to Choose the Best Sewing Table
Best Serger Tables: Everything You Need to Know
Best Sewing Chairs For Comfort In Your Sewing Room

I also wrote about some simple (and free) exercises you can perform to alleviate these issues.

Hand strengthening exercises for artists and people who like to sew
How To Stay Fit At Home {Simple Exercises To Stay In Shape For Sewers}
How To Keep In Shape While Sewing Part 2

All these might help with your physical wellbeing. But what about the fatigue of the mind? Do you get bored? After how many blocks has piecing become a chore, instead of a pleasure? What to do here?

The answer is to take a break and read some jokes!

clean and funny jokes for sewing enthusiasts

Some may be related to sewing (yes, we are allowed to make fun of ourselves), most would probably be just funny snippets meant to allow your mind to take a short break.

I have collected some of these jokes and I used to send them in my weekly newsletter. Until some readers requested a separate page, and this is the result.

Someone said that laughter is a sign of civilization, and whoever said that was probably right. And the best sign of civilization is in my opinion if we are able to laugh at ourselves, if we can recognize our faults or quirks and make fun of them.

I am not the author of any of these jokes. Some of them are heard from friends, some of them I read on the Internet, others are memories from my (and my husband’s) youth. I do not know the authors, and in the unlikely event someone has the copyright for any of these jokes, I would be glad to give recognition and attribute the joke to him/her/it. Or remove it from the site. Please use the contact form to send me a message contact me | ageberry.com.

I have attempted to use only clean jokes, unlikely to offend. However I am not the arbiter of ethics and if you consider some of the jokes offensive or inappropriate, please contact me and I will take action. Also, I tried not to repeat the jokes, but despite my best efforts I may have in fact duplicates. If that happens, please let me know.

If you contact me, please make sure your email address is correct in the form, otherwise I will be unable to answer.


Clean and Funny Jokes (updated May 11 2024)

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clean and funny jokes for sewing enthusiasts

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.