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35+ awesome gifts for your favorite seamstress (gift guide)

Does your mom (or maybe grandma, sister, daughter, wife, or friend) love to sew? Try to get her something nice and useful that has to do with sewing. There are so many really great gift ideas for people who sew.

Here are some of my favorites; the list includes must-have items, items for which I saved money to buy, and items I have dreamed of for a long time. I can assure you if anyone would come to ME with a gift selected from the first two categories I would be very happy!

Other categories are more fun, or for people who already have everything. After all, a gift may be useful, or may only say “I am thinking of you”. Most of the time, a thoughtful gift is as well-received as a very useful one.

35+ awesome gifts for your favorite seamstress

Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means I will receive a commission if you order a product through one of my links. I only recommend products I believe in and use myself. 

I only recommend stores where I buy myself regularly. The stores I recommend have a no-questions-asked return policy (except perhaps certain liquidation or special sale items) but I urge you to do your own research and judge if the merchant is trustworthy or not. Cheap items are not a problem, but buying a sewing machine for a couple of thousand dollars, is a different kind of transaction that merits good research.

Because we are talking about shopping, I have to mention: beware of scams! The links in this article are from reputable sites (Amazon) but not all Internet is trustworthy. I recommend read my article about the scams I encountered during the last couple of years here: Common Scams and How to Avoid Being a Victim of a Scam.

Amazon Prime (and perhaps other services, the Walmart+ program promises to be similar) membership is not free; but I did not believe it is worth the price until I tried it. And a couple of years ago, I finally took the plunge.

Have you tried Amazon Prime or Walmart+? What do you think about them? Let me know please by sending me a message.

Now, what if I want a $6.99 marking pen? I simply buy it, I don’t need to think I have to bundle it with other items to get free shipping. So I found myself using Amazon for small items as well as for larger items, when I need them, no more delay. But of course I still try to bundle my deliveries, especially if I am not in a hurry.

Want to try Amazon Prime? Here is a link. Amazon Prime gives US customers access to streaming video, free shipping, Prime Day discounts, and a variety of other Amazon-specific services and deals for $139 per year (or $14.99/month if paid monthly). For many, like me, the service is worth the price for the shipping perks alone, but there’s a lot more to a Prime membership than free shipping and streaming services.

Take advantage of the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

Stress-free gifts for beginner sewers

Shopping for the sewer in your life doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In fact, there are plenty of great gift options out there that are both practical and thoughtful. But still, finding gifts for sewers can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure what they need or already have. Here are some stress-free gift ideas for a seamstress in your life that are sure to please.

1. Serger

What is a serger? A serger sometimes called an overlock machine, is a type of sewing machine that cuts, stitches and neatens the edge at the same time. It makes the seams you see in T-shirts and other knit garments. Sergers usually run at high speeds and are used for edging and seaming a variety of fabrics and products.

They are not too expensive and work very well. If it is the first serger, I would avoid the complicated ones, a good basic serger is all a beginner sewer needs. The article Serger vs Sewing Machine is a comparison between the two, check it out.

I use my serger to professionally finish every sewing project. Sometimes I even don’t use my regular sewing machine and sew only with the serger, one example is this article where I used mostly a serger: How to sew a lined zipper pouch by serger without a pattern.

Coverstitch machines are a separate class from sergers, and they have different roles. I do not recommend a combination coverstitch/serger unless you can afford the top-of-the-line (and most expensive) one, the transition between coverstitch and serger is not easy and requires many adjustments. I had such a machine that, if properly set up, did both overlock stitches and coverstitch duty, but it was so difficult to adjust that in the end I got just a separate coverstitch machine.

See this article for a better comparison between a coverstitch machine and a serger: Serger vs Coverstitch.

Below is a short advertising video from the manufacturer presenting one of the sergers I like.

2. Embroidery machine

With a modern embroidery machine, you can create awesome designs that are perfectly stitched in a fraction of the time of hand stitching. You simply place the fabric into the frame and let the machine do the work!

Embroidery machines bring out the artist in you so you can “paint” (actually, stitch) a masterpiece in a thread. From baby onesies to evening gowns to gorgeous quilts, the creative possibilities are endless. Even unexpected, see in this article how I created embellishments for a pair of shoes: Unexpected way of using free standing lace embroidery.

When I was a beginner I had my simple and inexpensive embroidery machine and put embroidery practically on everything I made. Now some modern embroidery machines cost more than my first car, and have cameras, scanners, USB drives, and WiFi. But the machines below are great compromises between functionality and price.

3. Dressmaking shears

It’s incredibly useful to have good sewing scissors. Cutting fabric is an essential part of sewing, but it can also be one of the most frustrating aspects of the craft. A good pair of fabric scissors can make all the difference, helping a sewer to relax and enjoy the process. With sharp blades and a comfortable grip, good fabric scissors help to make clean, precise cuts with ease. 

✅ Related tutorial: How To Cut Fabric Straight | 8 Easy Ways Explained

There are many different types and brands but these Dressmaker Shears offer a longer cut ideal for cutting patterns, trimming seams, or cutting long swaths of fabric. These versatile shears feature long, precision-ground, knife-edge blades that cut multiple layers of fabric easily, all the way to the tip. A double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade finish is both striking and durable, and the bent-handle design helps hold fabric flat on a tabletop or counter for smooth, comfortable, mistake-free cutting.

Look, these LIVINGO shears have more than 4000 great reviews (and 4.8 out of 5 ratings). I use them myself.

I also use Fiskars fabric scissors, with very good results. They are usually a little more expensive though.

✅ Read about other cutting tools for sewing here: Cutting tools for sewing

4. Sewing clips (Wonder clips)

These clips are FANTASTIC: they are so much quicker and easier than sewing pins, both for putting on and for taking off. These are really great quality and are super strong and have great holding power. The variety of colors somehow makes them extra fun to use — more like a toy than a tool.

If you would like to know more about sewing clips check out this article on my site.

5. Thread Rack

These are just what any sewer needs to get threads organized. I had over 10 spools of blue threads and didn’t know it. Now I do. It’s just wonderful to be able to see most of my spools so easily displayed. No more digging around trying to find the right color OR buying the same color because I couldn’t find it!

This rack below is a nice, solid piece, well made with no rough edges. All spool pegs are solidly in place.

✅ Related tutorial: Sewing Thread Organizers: Top Picks for Spool Racks, Spool Boxes, and Holders

6. Thread sets

The more you sew the more different color threads you will need, right? If you work with red fabric you can’t use black or white threads.

The colors from this set are bright and can match many fabrics. The thread is actually strong and never snaps.

Beware that though the embroidery and sewing threads are different, buy the set that is suitable for the job. Please refer to my article Types of threads for more details. The thread sets below will make a great gift, at least I would appreciate them very much (hint hint)!

Whether you want to add to a color collection or start a new one, this thread set is a very useful gift for a special person in your life.

I also bought these threads and can recommend it as an awesome gift for a sewer – New Brothread 12 Colors Variegated Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread.

New brothread 12 Colors Variegated Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit 500M (550Y) Each Spool for Brother Janome Babylock Singer Pfaff Bernina Husqvaran Embroidery and Sewing Machines-Assortment1
12 Colors Variegated Polyester Embroidery Thread 550Y

And now look at this thread set! If you’ve ever wanted your clothes to change color when exposed to sunlight, now there’s a thread for that. UV Color Changing Embroidery Machine Thread is a new special thread that goes from one color to another after being exposed to UV light. The colors will stay as long as there’s UV light, but if there’s no UV light, the colors will go back to their original state after a few minutes. There are eight colors available, so sewers can have a lot of fun with this new thread. And just for fun, an UV glow-in-the-dark thread for the teenager in your family who might enjoy standing out in a disco atmosphere!

7. Beeswax Candles

If you’re looking for a gift for the sewer in your life, why not consider something that will help them relax and de-stress? How about a nice scented candle, and some aromatherapy oils? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will help them to relax.

I bought some of these Beeswax Candles for myself and I love them!

Do you love the smell of fresh honey? I certainly do, which is why I recommend these candles. I have used all the three products below, and all are excellent. Their beeswax retains its natural sweet aroma and beautiful coloring. Not to mention, it’s also toxin free!

8. Essential Oils Set – Top 6 Organic Blends

Looking for something different in your essential oils? Look no further than this collection of plant-powered formulas from around the world. They only source ingredients from farms with a commitment to regenerative, earth-kind practices. This means their eucalyptus oil comes from Australia, lavender from France, and peppermint from India. So why not give these oils a try and see for yourself how amazing they are?

Essential Oils Set - Top 6 Blends for Diffusers, Home Care, Candle Making Scents, Fragrance, Aromatherapy, Humidifiers, Gifts - Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange (10mL)
Essential Oils Set – Top 6 Blends

Awesome gifts for advanced sewers

1. Serger

Sergers (outside of North America they are called overlock machines ) have made sewing projects faster and more professionally finished than ever before.

I am an advanced sewist and I don’t want a basic serger anymore, I used my Singer for 10 years but now I would like the ultimate serger, a top-of-the-line machine with the self-threading feature so I can get the one-step professional finish for my garments with the power and precision of Juki sergers. And you know what? I am not alone, every advanced sewist needs one if they can afford it.

Check my review of Juki MO-2000 here. It’s a self-threading serger and now you can buy it online!

Juki MO-2000QVP Automatic Overlock with Threading and Needles, Metal, White, 33 x 28 x 31 cm
Juki MO-2000QVP Automatic Overlock with Threading

Juki MO-1000 is a similar machine, a little bit cheaper though, both are very good for home sewing. I tried the MO-2000 first time a couple of years ago, then I purchased one and I have no complaints; I think it was one of the best investments I made, I was so, so tired of endless threading issues with my older sergers! My article about self-threading sergers may shed some light on why I am so excited about this feature.

Juki MO-1000 Serger, Push Button Jet Air Looper Threader,purple
Juki MO-1000 Serger, Push Button Jet Air Looper Threader

  • Effortless Threading With the Power of Air!
  • Adjustable Differential Feed
  • Upper Looper Converter 2-/3- Thread Conversion
  • Automatic rolled hemming
  • Option to deactivate upper knife

Click here to see the offers on Amazon

Click here to see offers on sewingmachinesplus.com. This retailer has usually a better selection than Amazon or other online retailers and sometimes even better prices.

JUKI serger MO-2000 QVP

There are other models, very good at what they are doing and which cost less; of course, you would need to forego some advanced features, like self-threading, which may in the end defeat the purpose. But you should also look at Juki MO-104D 2/3/4 Thread Overlock Serger and Baby Lock Vibrant Serger Machine – From the Genuine Collection.

2. Coverstitch machine

With a coverstitch machine, you can do hemming of knit and other stretchy garments more easily, quickly, and with more precision, than you ever had before. If you are disappointed with the quality of hems you are getting with twin needles it’s time to buy the coverstitch. I did, and I was not sorry.

Before buying a coverstitch machine perhaps you can check out my article Serger vs Coverstitch where I discuss various features of both machines.

I have a Janome CoverPro 900CPX and I absolutely love this machine. Makes my knit clothes look incredibly professional. It’s very easy to rethread for different colors to match clothing. There are multiple videos on YouTube to teach you the basics. Of course, by now there are newer versions of the machine, both from Janome and Brother and the prices are no longer prohibitively high.

Check out the current offers on sewingmachinesplus.com and amazon.com

3. Cutting machine

If you like to sew you certainly heard by now about home cutting machines. They are incredible! Some of them cut not only paper but also all types of fabric too – everything from silk to cotton and denim, they cut leather also! The two below are reasonably priced and have excellent reviews: Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore. A smaller and cheaper version (Cricut Joy) is also available. There is a newer version, Silhouette Cameo, but surprisingly, this has fewer good reviews than either Maker and Explore. I have used both Makers and Explore 2 (I now only own the Maker), but I have not used the Cameo.

applique pillow

Here is a link to one of my projects where the cutting machine has been used to cut the embellishments: Butterfly Applique Pillow; I use it in fact quite often, sometimes I use it to simply create cutting pattern files (.svg) as a first step in making a pattern.

Cutting machines are frequently replaced by newer versions; the link below will show you a current list of offers.

4. AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter

If you’re looking for a gift for a quilter the AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter is an excellent choice. This die-cutting machine is specifically designed for quilting, and it can cut through multiple layers of fabric at once. It’s easy to use, and it’s much faster than cutting by hand. Plus, it’s accurate and precise. In short, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to save time when cutting fabric for their quilts. Trust me, your quilter will be very happy with this gift.

AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutter

If you want to read more about the AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter, check out my tutorial How to cut fabric for quilting with modern fabric cutting machines: Accuquilt and Cricut.

5. Cricut EasyPress

If you need to heat press shapes that you have cut with your Cricut machines, then Cricut EasyPress gives you professional iron-on results. It eliminates guesswork so you get fast and foolproof results that really stick, even after repeated washes. It’s ideal for foil, glitter, and metallic projects as well as large and layered projects. EasyPress is a lightweight, portable, easy-to-store machine. It is available in multiple colors too!

There is a newer version of this machine (Easypress 3) but I would personally stick with the tried (and cheaper!) version 2 which has excellent reviews, and tens of thousands of them.

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (9 in x 9 in), Ideal for T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Pillows, Aprons & More, Precise Temperature Control, Features Insulated Safety Base & Auto-Off, Mint
Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine (9 in x 9 in)

6. Bias tape makers

Who says all gifts must be expensive? Here is one that is cheap but very useful. If you want to know more about bias tape, perhaps I can refer you to my article Bias tape tutorial, lots of information there.

A bias tape maker is a handy tool that makes it quick and easy to create bias tape at home. All you need is a length of fabric, and the bias tape maker will do the rest. The resulting bias tape can then be used to bind a quilt, finish raw edges, make piping, or add a decorative touch to any sewing project. A bias tape maker is an ideal gift for sewers of all levels of experience.

7. Presser Feet Set

The right presser foot enhances your project with touches that your sewing machine otherwise could not handle. The Madam Sew Presser Feet Kit lets you sew precise lines and add stunning embellishments to quilts, clothes, and pillows. This set with its innovative adapter is designed for use with low-shank models of popular brand sewing machines including Singer, Brother, Babylock, Janome, Kenmore, and White. I have one of those and I have to confess for a couple of them I had to actually research to find out what they do! The possibilities are endless.

You can buy the MadamSew kit set directly from the source using this link: MadamSew. They give out a manual and simple videos explaining what the feet do and how to use them. MadamSew site has other items you might like too, check it out.

8. Curved Embroidery Scissors

They are so useful for cutting any sewing thread, embroidery thread, or yarn without any risk of cutting the fabric or item you are working on. These scissors are wonderful for machine applique projects. These are sharp and have the perfect angle to cut the fabric extra close to the applique. You see below two excellent examples and some links to Amazon for the same products for the best price comparison:

Gingher 6-inch Double-Curved Machine Embroidery Scissors

Kai 5130DC 5 Inch Double Curved Embroidery Scissors.

Funny gifts for sewers

Not all gifts have to be practical; sometimes a token gift is just as good, especially if it is for someone you love but you don’t really know what they need (or perhaps they have it all already?). Certainly, this is better than an impersonal gift card which may be more practical, but it also says “I don’t have the time to bother”. Do you like gift cards as presents? I don’t particularly appreciate them.

Unique gifts for sewers

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for sewers, the sky is the limit. If you want to go the unique route, look for a gift that celebrates their passion for sewing. For example, you could buy them a custom-made sewing machine cover or a personalized pincushion. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that they’ll appreciate and use.

1. Sewing machine music box

Not everybody likes music boxes, so just make sure first it will be appreciated. But if your mom or grandma does, this is ideal. To borrow from a review: “I bought this for mother’s day. I gave it to my grandma. She loved it. It’s so beautiful. If you’re thinking about buying it stop thinking and just buy it !”

Collections Etc Animated Antique Sewing Machine Tabletop Music Box Complete with Fabric, Scissors, and Treadle Pedal - Plays Fur Elise
Antique Sewing Machine Music Box

2. Echo speaker with Alexa

Why is it a good gift for sewers? Because using nothing but the sound of your voice, you can play music and listen to your favorite podcast while you sew,  search the Web (like asking for example when the first-ever sewing machine was made) while you sew, create to-do and shopping lists while you sew, even shop online on Amazon while you sew,  get instant weather reports, and control popular smart-home products—all while you sew and your smartphone stays in your pocket. And that is where the phone should stay, it is a major distraction!

3.  Adjustable swivel chair

A comfortable chair is not only a comfort issue, it is a must because a chair that makes you move all the time to find a good position or a chair that makes your back sweat, is a liability when sewing. I personally prefer chairs with a mesh or cloth seat and back, but this is a personal preference. I do not like leather seats because they may be comfortable in the beginning, but after a while, I find that my skin sticks to the leather (or vinyl). I like the chairs presented below.

I am planning to replace the office chairs every three to four years; most of them become less easy to adjust, the seat cracks, and the wheels no longer move freely. Perhaps this is why I am not looking at the most expensive models, I have tried them in-store and frankly, I do not find them more comfortable than cheaper ones.

Beware that what for one is comfort, for another may look like a torture instrument! People are different, bodies are different, you need to see what fits your body. Luckily, Amazon accepts returns if the chair does not fit you.

✅ Related tutorial: Best Sewing Chairs For Comfort In Your Sewing Room

4. Applique Scissors Paddle Shaped

These are irreplaceable when it comes to cutting very close to the stitches! Below are two examples: Gingher 6 Inch Knife Edge Applique Scissors and The Duckling – Duckbill Applique scissor 4-1/2. As usual, the same things or similar from Amazon for price comparison.

5. Snap Hoop Monster Magnetic Embroidery Hoop

A magnetic hoop is not cheap, but for certain materials (leather, for example) it is extremely useful. I am discussing this in my article Machine embroidery on leather.  Two examples are below (8″x8″ and 8″x12”). Beware these hoops are machine-specific, make sure your machine has the same hoop attachment system. Check out current offers on Amazon for Monster magnetic hoops. the examples below are for Babylock/Brother.

Note: I have seen on Amazon a hoop advertised “For Janome” but on the box, it is clearly written (I did read the small print!) “for Brother”. My Janome 500E (older model) embroidery machine is completely different than my Babylock Destiny and they don’t take the same hoops.

Check out this link for price comparison; Sewingmachinesplus is one of my favorite stores and often they have a better selection than Amazon or other online retailers: Monster Snap Hoop.

6. Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors

For thick materials or multiple layers, a good pair of electric scissors are very useful. Not indispensable, but useful.

Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors Box Cutter for Crafts, Sewing, Cardboard, Carpet, & Scrapbooking - Automatic Cordless Heavy Duty Professional Shears Cutting Tool
Electric Fabric Scissors

7. Thread Spool Huggers

Tired of tangled threads? Dirty ends? Try these, they really work, and the cost is very low! This is indeed something I could not live without, especially since they are really cheap. And they work!

Inexpensive gifts for sewers

If you are on a tight budget, there are still plenty of options available. A nice set of needles, some pretty fabric, or a new book on sewing techniques would all be welcome gifts for any sewer. Whatever you choose, the important thing is to keep in mind the things that they love about sewing and try to find a gift that will help them enjoy it even more.

1. Rotary cutter

When used right, the rotary cutter is a time and effort saver. I find a good rotary cutter an essential tool if you are serious about sewing. I have written in detail about this in my article Rotary cutter tips and tricks, please read it, a rotary cutter is a useful tool but it is also a dangerous tool because of its very, very sharp blade which is easily accessible.

When buying a rotary cutter, the device itself, while important, is not the most important. It is the cutting blades that do the actual cut and I recommend you always use high quality blades.

OLFA 45mm Tungsten Tool Steel Rotary Blades,Set of 10, Marking Pen [Japan Import] (45mm x 10)
OLFA 45mm Tungsten Rotary Blades, Set of 10

2. Cutting Mat

A cutting mat makes the cutting much easier, and saves your table in the process! I also find that I need to replace my cutting mat every 4 or 5 years because it becomes scratchy with use and it tends to snag the delicate fabric pieces. I always buy a self-healing mat I can find at a reasonable price.

OLFA 24" x 36" Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat (RM-MG) - Double Sided 24x36 Inch Cutting Mat with Grid for Quilting, Sewing, Fabric, & Crafts, Designed for Use with Rotary Cutters (Green)
Double Sided 24×36 Inch Cutting Mat

3.  Fabric weights (pattern weights)

Pattern weights are small, heavy objects that you can use to hold down your fabric while you’re working with it. They come in handy when you’re cutting out patterns or tracing designs onto fabric. Instead of pinning your pattern pieces to the fabric (which can distort the fabric), you can simply place pattern weights on top of the fabric. This will keep the fabric in place so you can work with it more easily.

4. Velcro Hook & Loop Fastening Tape ( different colors)

Sometimes Velcro fastening is necessary; not only for projects but also to attach your tools to the board. I used it myself when making a case for my tablet DIY tablet case/cover sewing tutorial. The tape is available in many colors as well as in black and white.

It seems “velcro” is a trademark (of Velcro Companies, a British entity) because the tape is usually found under the name “hook and loop tape”.

5. Pom Pom Trim

You might not need it now, you might not even think about it. Neither did I. I had some in an older box, don’t even know where it came from, and after I saw it, I used it to embellish a poncho. It came out very nicely and it is certainly an unusual embellishment!

6. Leather Hand Tool Set

Again, something you might not even think of. Until you need to sew leather, that is. I have some projects with leather, the bags I made are really beautiful (How to make a leather purse) so I needed some tools. These are also relatively inexpensive (with the more pricey one you get threads and a mat too) and I really used the tools.

Knoweasy 18-Piece Leather Craft Tools Kit - Comprehensive Set for Hand Sewing, Stitching, Stamping and Saddle Making - DIY Leatherworking Essentials
18-Piece Leather Craft Tools Kit

7. Machine Embroidery Stabilizer

Absolutely necessary for embroidery projects! It is not even possible to embroider fabric without it. It MAY be possible to embroider certain thicker fabrics without a stabilizer, but I would advise against it. Without a stabilizer you will get puckering all over, modern designs seem to be all made with the usage of the stabilizer in mind.

There are multiple types of stabilizer: tear away, cut away, fusible (both tear away and cut away), no show mesh, water soluble and probably others. Some examples are below. I bought all of them and all are excellent.

8. Extra-Fine Chalk Pencil

Always useful for marking fabric. The best is to have the thinnest and faintest mark that allows you to work and that is why sewers need sharp and fine pencils. Check out current offers on Amazon!

Wow, this guide about gifts for sewers is getting too long but I still have so many gift ideas for people who sew. I guess I will have to start a new guide (for example, about useful books, courses, and magazines) and finish this one.

I am curious – what are the best gifts you (as a sewer) have ever received? If you could have anything you want in your sewing world what is the one gift that will bring you the most joy? I hope to see your answer in the comments below.

Did you like this guide? If you want to keep this list handy and use it later when you are ready to buy gifts, pin the image below to your sewing board on Pinterest and follow me on Pinterest for more tips, tutorials, and inspiration. Or consider sharing it on Facebook.

35+ awesome gifts for your favorite seamstress

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Jennifer E.

Monday 28th of November 2022

I have looked EVERYWHERE for pattern weights like the glass ones in your list. I have been using ones I made myself from hardware washers, but they are not heavy enough IMO. I just ordered these for me! I always enjoy your articles and learn so much!

Olga Balasa

Sunday 4th of December 2022

When I did not have special weights, I used stone figurines, like bookcase ends or stone apples (they used to be in dollar stores not so long ago). The glass ones from Amazon also do the job, I just checked, they are still available even if not very cheap in my opinion.

Cindy Dunster

Thursday 29th of July 2021

I have been sewing since I was 12 years old (I'm 70 now) but have actually learned a few things form reading your posts. Thank you. Also, for anyone interested, I have the Pink Power fabric scissors and absolutely love them! They save so much time and wear & tear on your hands/fingers if you are cutting out a lot of items, which I do.

Olga Balasa

Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

Thank you; I used the scissors myself when cutting some materials, for longer cuts they are excellent. Not everyone likes them though.

Lesley Brown

Saturday 26th of October 2019

My best gift was from my daughter - a necklace with a mini scissors, bobbin of thread and a thimble. All in minature.

Olga Balasa

Wednesday 30th of October 2019

Oh, that was a nice gift!

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