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Are These ‘Magic’ and ‘Wonder’ Tools the Secret to Sewing Perfection?

Do you ever wonder how some sewists just seem to get everything right, like they’ve got some kind of secret? Well, here’s the thing: it’s not all about skill. A lot of the time, it’s about the tools they use. I’m talking about these tools that have words ‘Magic’ and ‘Wonder’ in their names that are supposed to make your sewing way better. So, are these tools really the secret to sewing perfection? Let’s take a good look at these ‘Magic’ and ‘Wonder’ tools that everyone’s been talking about and see if they’re actually worth the fuss. With these tools in your belt, you’ll probably stitch, quilt, and embroider with the confidence of a sewing wizard.

Attention! If you prefer visual learning and love to see every tool in action, check my YouTube video version of this guide. You’ll find the link at the bottom of this post. To get the full experience, I highly recommend checking out both the video and this written post.

Wonder Tape

wonder tape

Wonder Tape has earned its place in my sewing room long ago especially for tasks that require more precision and stability. It’s not just a gimmick; it’s a functional tool that simplifies some of the challenging aspects of sewing, such as installing zippers or creating pleats. It’s one of those things that, once you start using it, you wonder how you ever managed without it.

I always use this double-sided, transparent adhesive tape when I’m installing zippers. It temporarily holds the zipper in place, allowing me to sew without the zipper shifting or the fabric puckering. 

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I also find Wonder Tape useful for holding pleats. The tape keeps the pleats intact before I run them under the sewing machine, ensuring they don’t move out of alignment. 

One of the great features of Wonder Tape is that it washes away with the first laundering, leaving no residue behind. 

Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means I will receive a commission if you order a product through one of my links. I only recommend products I believe in and use myself. 

Sewists use Wonder Tape for various applications. Here are some other common uses for Wonder Tape

  1. Hemming – it’s great for holding hems in place before stitching, especially on fabrics that are slippery or difficult to pin.
  2. Positioning Trims and Ribbons – Wonder Tape can be used to secure trims, ribbons, or lace in the exact position needed before sewing.
  3. Attaching Pockets – for precise placement of pockets, Wonder Tape can hold them in place without shifting as you sew.
  4. Patchwork and Quilting – it can be used to keep fabric pieces together when aligning seams or matching patterns.
  5. Appliqué – it helps in positioning appliqué pieces on quilts or garments before permanently affixing them.
  6. Stabilizing Knit Fabrics – when working with stretchy materials, Wonder Tape can prevent the fabric from becoming distorted.
  7. Temporary Repairs – it can be a quick fix for loose seams or hems until there is time for a permanent repair.

Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape, 1/4-Inch by 10-Yards, White
Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape

Wonder Clips

Wonder Clips do live up to their name by offering a ‘wonderful’ helping hand in specific sewing situations.

They provide a secure hold on fabrics where pins might not be suitable. For instance, when working with leather, vinyl, other thick, heavy, or delicate materials, these clips can be a better alternative, as they don’t pierce the fabric and therefore, don’t leave any permanent holes or marks.

wonder clips

The clips are also quite handy for holding layered sections of fabric, like quilt bindings or seams that have multiple layers that would be too thick for pins. They clasp the layers with a firm, yet gentle grip, ensuring everything stays aligned without the distortion that pins can sometimes cause.

Their ease of use is another benefit. They can be quickly added or removed which streamlines the sewing process somewhat. These clips are like having an extra set of hands, holding everything together with a strength that belies their diminutive size.

wonder clips holding my sewing project

They are also user-friendly. The flat back of each clip allows my projects to lie undisturbed on the sewing table, and I also like the variety of colors they come in. 

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The Wonder Clips are versatile, too. They come in different sizes and styles, each suited for different aspects of sewing and quilting. You can buy them on Amazon.

Clover Wonder Pins

Clover Wonder Pins

Have you seen these Wonder Pins?

They are called “Wonder Pins” because they bring several improvements and conveniences to the traditional safety pin design that make them a “wonder” in the sewing and quilting world. These pins are designed to address common frustrations and needs that sewists and quilters encounter. Their innovative features offer solutions that can feel quite remarkable.

The “wonder” aspects of these pins include:

  1. Ease of Use – the Clover Wonder Pins open and close with ease, thanks to their one-touch operation, which is a real finger-saver, especially during long sewing sessions. This feature is particularly appreciated when working on large projects that require extensive basting, such as quilts. The ease of use means less hand strain and a more enjoyable sewing experience.
  2. Curved Design – unlike straight safety pins, the curved shape of Wonder Pins is specifically designed for handling layers of fabric. The curved design allows you to easily scoop up the fabric layers and then secure them back in place, which can be much faster and more efficient than using traditional straight safety pins.
  3. Visibility – the bright colors of the Wonder Pins make them easy to see against fabric, reducing the risk of leaving pins in a garment and making it easier to find them if dropped.
wonder pins in a blue fabric bg

✅See how I use them for basting a quilt: Quilt basting tutorial – learn different ways to baste a quilt

By combining these features, Clover has created a product that truly stands out in the market and brings a sense of “wonder” to those who use them. It’s clear why they’ve earned the name “Wonder Pins.” They transform what used to be a tedious task into something much smoother and more efficient.

CLOVER Wonder Sewing Pins, Yellow and Pink
CLOVER Wonder Sewing Pins

Wonder Under Fusible Web

Wonder Under is a specific brand name for a type of fusible web made by Pellon, which is a paper-backed adhesive used to bond two layers of fabric without sewing. It’s a fantastic tool for a variety of fabric projects, and I’ve found it particularly helpful for appliqué work.

When I’m working on appliqué, Wonder Under allows me to easily attach my designs to the main fabric. I simply trace the shape onto the paper side of the Wonder Under, iron it onto the wrong side of my appliqué fabric, cut out the shape, peel off the paper backing, and then iron the appliqué onto the project fabric. This process creates a strong bond that holds the appliqué in place, ready for stitching around the edges if desired, or even left as is for a no-sew project.

me working on applique using wonder under
strong bond that holds the appliqué in place

Another great use for Wonder Under is in making patches or adding decorative elements to garments and accessories. It’s particularly useful for adhering fabric to areas that may be difficult to sew, such as tightly woven synthetics or items that can’t easily be placed under a sewing machine needle.

Wonder Under can be also used for hemming when you want a quick fix that doesn’t involve stitching. It’s perfect for those moments when you need to shorten a curtain or pant leg in a hurry. The bond it creates is clean and holds up well, even after laundering.

Wonder Under typically requires a hot iron to activate the adhesive, and it’s essential to use the right heat setting for the fabrics being bonded to prevent any damage.

It’s a wonderful handy tool to have in my sewing kit. It simplifies processes that might otherwise be complex and time-consuming. Here is the link to Amazon.

Magic Pins

magic pins

Magic Pins have won me over. They’ve improved my sewing experience. They are a fantastic tool for those who sew regularly and require precision pinning.

I treated myself to a set of Magic Pins specifically designed for silk, and I must say, I like them a lot. These pins are thin and sharp, which is a necessary feature when working with delicate silk fabrics. The last thing I want is to ruin my beautiful silk with large pinholes or snags, and these Magic Pins glide through the material with such ease, leaving no trace of damage behind.

I was working on a project with this exquisite silk chiffon fabric that had delicate silver threads woven throughout. I was making a modesty panel – this is the link to my detailed tutorial. And every pin I tried, even those specifically labeled for use with silk, seemed to snag the fabric, marring its beauty with each tiny catch. Then I came across these “magic pins.” I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first; after all, how different could they really be? But to my amazement, they glided through this chiffon without a single snag.

used magic pins for the project with this exquisite silk chiffon fabric

The ease of handling these pins is another aspect I like. They come with a comfort grip. Unlike my other silk pins, which often require me to slide my fingers across the table to pick them up, these pins are effortless to grab and manipulate. They must have been designed by someone who understands the cramps and frustrations of fiddling with tiny, slippery pins for hours on end. It’s a small detail, but it makes a big difference during a long sewing session. And when it’s time to remove them, the same comfort grip that made them easy to place also makes them a breeze to pull out, without disturbing the fabric’s position.

What’s more, Magic Pins aren’t just for silk. They come in a variety of types, such as quilting, extra-long, and patchwork, catering to different needs. This means that no matter the project, there’s likely a Magic Pin that’s perfect for the job.

The other standout feature of Magic Pins is their heat-resistant quality. This means that when I’m working with an iron, I don’t have to worry about the pins melting or warping under the heat, which is a common issue with regular plastic-headed pins.

They are quite distinctive with their bright colors, so if I drop one on the floor, it’s easy to find. 

The name “Magic Pins” couldn’t be more fitting for these little wonders. 

Of course, they are not without their drawbacks. One con is the cost; they are typically more expensive than traditional pins. For someone who doesn’t sew very frequently, the investment might not be justifiable.

Magic Bobbin Genies

The name “Magic Bobbin Genies” truly brings a hint of playful magic to the sewing room.

Magic Bobbin Genies, also known as Bobbin Washers, are small, slick disks that you place in your bobbin case under the bobbin. They work with domestic and longarm machines and are particularly useful for preventing the annoying issue of thread snarls, or “bird’s nests,” on the underside of the quilt or fabric you’re working on.

I’ve found that these washers are quite effective in reducing the friction between the bobbin and the case, which in turn helps the bobbin thread to unwind smoothly. This smooth unwinding is especially helpful when I’m sewing at higher speeds; it helps prevent thread tangles that can bring a project to a grinding halt.

I put one Magic Bobbin Genie in my bobbin case under the bobbin

They can also help with consistent stitch quality by eliminating the erratic tension caused by bobbin friction.

Magic Bobbin Genies are made of a durable Teflon material, which means they’re built to last. They’re easy to use – simply drop one into the bobbin case, insert the bobbin as usual, and you’re ready to go. 

One thing to keep in mind is that while Magic Bobbin Washers are helpful, they’re not a cure-all for all tension issues. Proper machine maintenance and correct threading are still crucial for optimal sewing machine performance. Also, they might not be necessary for every sewing machine or project. Some newer machines are designed with excellent tension control that may not require the aid of a bobbin washer.

I like this playful idea that a piece of sewing equipment can possess magical properties. It’s as if by simply placing one of these washers into my bobbin case, I can call upon the powers of a genie to banish the dreaded “bird’s nests” that lurk beneath the fabric. With a “poof!” and a puff of imaginary smoke, the Magic Bobbin Genies whisk away the frustration of thread snarls.

I can almost picture the Bobbin Genies wearing tiny little pointy hats and wielding miniature magic wands, ready to cast a spell of smooth sewing. While they may not be able to grant me three wishes, Magic Bobbin Genies certainly grant me peace of mind, and that’s about as magical as it gets in the realm of sewing!

Magic Pressing Mat

Fabric & Fabric Magic Pressing Mat
Fabric Magic Pressing Mat

The Fabric & Fabric Magic Pressing Mat is a thick, woolen mat that provides an ideal surface for pressing fabrics during the sewing process. The wool composition of the mat is what gives it its ‘magic’ qualities, as it retains heat and moisture from the iron, effectively pressing both sides of the fabric at once.

This mat is particularly useful when working with quilting pieces, as it helps to flatten seams without creating that unwanted shine or flattening the texture that can sometimes occur with ironing. The heat retention also means I can press my blocks and they stay flat and crisp.

me using he Fabric & Fabric Magic Pressing Mat

One of the advantages of the Magic Pressing Mat is its portability. It’s compact and easy to move around, so I can set up my pressing station wherever it’s most convenient. Whether I’m piecing together a quilt or doing some quick patchwork, the mat is always ready for action.

However, as much as I appreciate the Wool Pressing Mat, it’s not a complete replacement for a traditional ironing board for larger projects. Its size is more suited to smaller pieces and detail work. Also, because it’s made of wool, it can have a distinct smell when heated, which may be off-putting to some.

Since I first discovered the wonders of wool pressing mats, the market has become flooded with various brands offering their own versions of this essential sewing tool. It seems the word “Magic” has been quietly dropped from their names, but let me tell you, the magic certainly hasn’t disappeared from the product. Whether they’re called “Magic” or not, these wool pressing mats are a staple I wouldn’t want to be without.

Each brand comes with its own set of features and sizes, catering to a variety of sewing and quilting needs. Other brands may have different textures, thicknesses, or wool quality that could make a difference in your pressing results.

No matter which brand you choose, the key advantage remains the same: the ability to effectively press fabrics with the natural heat-retaining properties of wool. It streamlines the process, ensuring that every press is as effective as possible, and adds a touch of ‘magic’ to the crafting experience.

Magic Sizing Spray

magic sizing spray

Magic Sizing Spray for ironing is a product by Faultless Brands designed to make the task of ironing easier and more efficient. Unlike traditional starch, which can sometimes leave fabrics feeling stiff and heavy, Magic Sizing provides a light finish, adding just enough body to the fabric to remove wrinkles and create a crisp appearance without the stiffness.

One of the great things about using Magic Sizing Spray is that it helps to speed up the ironing process. The spray lightly coats the fabric, allowing the iron to glide smoothly over its surface.

I’ve found Magic Sizing to be particularly useful for ironing items like blouses and dresses where you want a neat, finished look without the fabric becoming too rigid. 

Magic Sizing Spray can be used on a range of washable fabrics, from cottons and linens to synthetics and blends. This makes it a handy tool to have in the sewing room for various ironing needs.

It’s important to use it as directed. Applying too much can lead to a build-up on the fabric or iron, and it’s always best to test it on a small area of the fabric first to ensure compatibility.

It’s a little bit of ‘magic’ in a bottle that can transform the sometimes tedious chore of ironing into a quicker and more satisfying task.

The word “magic” in Magic Sizing Spray is a playful way to emphasize the product’s effectiveness and the ease it brings to the ironing process. While the “magic” aspect is certainly a bit of marketing flair, the product does deliver on its promise to simplify ironing and improve the appearance of fabrics. It’s not literally magical, of course, but for those who find ironing to be a chore, the ease and effectiveness of Magic Sizing Spray might feel just a little bit like magic.

MAGIC Sizing Spray Light Body – No Flaking or Clogging! Light Ironing Spray – 20oz Wrinkle Iron Spray for Clothes (Pack of 2) – Fresh Linen Scent Finishing Spray
MAGIC Sizing Spray

Wonder Hanger

Wonder Hanger Over The Door 3-Pack Organizer for Clothes Hangers, Space-Saving Cascading Hanger Hooks, White
Wonder Hanger

The Wonder Hanger is a clever organizational tool designed to maximize closet space and keep garments neatly arranged. It’s a cascading hanger system that allows multiple articles of clothing to be hung vertically, using the space that would typically accommodate just one item on a traditional horizontal hanger.

Each Wonder Hanger is capable of holding several hangers at once. They’re made of a sturdy material, so they can support the weight of multiple garments without bending or breaking. 

One of the key benefits of using Wonder Hangers is the decluttering effect they have on a crowded closet. By optimizing the available vertical space, they can increase the number of clothes you can store. This not only makes it easier to see and access your wardrobe, but it also helps prevent wrinkles and clutter by keeping clothes from being squashed together.

You simply hang your clothes on your regular hangers, and then place those hangers on the Wonder Hanger. When you lift one end, the hangers cascade down, and you can easily see all the items at once. 

When you’re working on multiple sewing projects at once or managing a collection of finished garments, closet space can quickly become a premium. Wonder Hangers can help sewists keep their creations organized and easily accessible.

It can be used for more than just clothes; you can hang belts, scarves, or ties, and some versions come with slots for these accessories. In a sewing room, the Wonder Hanger can also be used to sort and store fabric. By draping larger cuts of fabric over hangers and then placing them on a Wonder Hanger, you can create an efficient, space-saving fabric organizer. This keeps your materials wrinkle-free and ready for your next project.

While the Wonder Hanger may not perform actual wonders, it does offer a practical and efficient way to manage closet space. Its design and durability make it a useful addition to any home, and for many, the organizational benefits it provides might just feel a little bit magical.

You can buy it on Amazon.

https://amzn.to/3Pf2dasHugo’s Amazing Tape

hugo's amazing tape

Hugo’s Amazing Tape is a versatile, self-clinging tape that’s widely appreciated in the sewing and crafting community. What makes this tape quite ‘amazing’ is its ability to stick to itself without any adhesive. That means it leaves no residue on whatever it’s wrapped around, which is a huge plus for sewists who need to bundle threads, fabrics, patterns, or tools without the mess that sticky substances can create.

For me, often dealing with the chaos of loose threads, Hugo’s Amazing Tape offers a ‘magical’ way to keep everything under control, streamlining the sewing process and maintaining order in the creative space.

I use Hugo’s Amazing Tape mostly for managing sewing and embroidery threads. It’s common for the ends to unravel and create a tangled mess in your sewing box or drawer. By wrapping a piece of Hugo’s Amazing Tape around the spool, you can secure the thread end in place, keeping it neat and preventing it from unwinding.

hugo's amazing tape with embroidery threads

This is particularly beneficial for embroidery threads, which often come in a wide range of colors that you need to switch between frequently. Hugo’s Amazing Tape allows you to quickly and easily keep your threads organized and ready for use without the frustration of detangling. It’s a simple solution that can save a lot of time and hassle.

The tape is clear so it doesn’t obscure the color of the thread, so you can easily identify the shade you need at a glance. 

This tape is also very useful when dealing with rolls of fabric or stabilizers that tend to unravel. A piece of Hugo’s Amazing Tape can keep these materials neatly rolled up for storage or during use. 

It can also be used for organizing sewing patterns. By wrapping the tape around folded or rolled patterns, you can ensure they stay compact without damaging them with creases or puncture holes that pins or traditional tape might cause.

The tape’s reusability is another feature that makes it stand out. Unlike single-use tapes that contribute to waste, Hugo’s Amazing Tape can be used over and over again, making it an eco-friendlier choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

Hugo's Amazing Tape - 50 ft Roll x 1" Wide Reusable Double Sided Non-Stick Adhesive
Hugo’s Amazing Tape

So here is my YouTube video. Check this out if you like to see a helpful video on 8 wonders of the sewing world (instead of reading).

Did you find this guide on these ‘magic’ and ‘wonder’ tools useful? If yes, why not save this pin to your Pinterest board? That way, you can easily return to the article whenever you need a refresher on these tools. And for an ongoing stream of handy tips, tutorials, and all sorts of creative inspiration, make sure to follow me on Pinterest .

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Nancy M

Sunday 24th of March 2024

The magic wool pressing mat is great but don’t like that it lets the moisture through to the back, damaging anything under neath it. What do you use to prevent that moisture buildup?


Wednesday 13th of March 2024

This was delightful to read (will watch video also) and I am so excited to learn about these products--almost all new to me! Thank you so much!!

Olga Balasa

Wednesday 13th of March 2024

Thank you; I am always glad when my articles are useful. I only wish we had this internet when I started sewing ...

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