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Clean and Funny Jokes to Stitch Your Day With Smiles

– Doctor, I think I have problems with my eyes.
– Why do you think that?
– Because since I got married, I no longer see any money.

After the marriage, the wife complains:
– Why didn’t you tell me you are so poor, I would have never married you!
– My dear, I told you all the time that the only precious thing in my life is you!

In a flower shop a man asks:
– Do you have cards that read “You are my only true love, the reason for my existence”?
– Yes, we do.
– Ok, I’ll take 5.

A guy goes in a Ford car dealership and asks to talk to the manager.
“I would like to talk to you about that Jeep you have in your front display window”
The manager, confused, says:
“We are a Ford dealership; we don’t have a Jeep in the display window”
“Well, now you have.”

Two friends have a beer. One of them says
My wife tells me raw food is best!“.
The other one answers:
Yes, my wife doesn’t like to cook either.

Two women talk and one says
“I married a sailor, and he is away 11 months out of the year”.
“Oh, poor you, must be difficult”.
“No, one month passes quickly!”

The father talks to his son:
“Joe, your mother tells me she talks and you don’t listen!”
“Well, dad, you know, sometimes …”
“I am not interested in excuses! I want to know what’s your method?”

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