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Below is a collection of helpful, useful, entertaining, interesting guides, step-by-step tutorials and expert tips that will help you to learn sewing and achieve professional results.

I would love to say it is easy and fast. But I won’t. Because I am trying to be honest. Because sewing is not like slapping together fabric pieces and hoping to make something from them. There is quite a lot that goes into sewing.

So start learning today because there is a lot to learn.

Sewing tools and notions

Review of JUKI serger MO-2000 QVP

Review of JUKI serger MO-2000 QVP

With new Juki serger MO 2000 QVP you can master basic serger stitches (like finishing raw edges and at the same time trimming and stitching the seams) and learn advanced techniques to embellish clothes or home decorating projects. It has 15 different types of stitches. All seams made with the serger are stretchable, so you can sew knits, jersey, spandex, lace quickly and durably. It has an amazing threading feature – so called Air Threading as well as many other features that make this serger really outstanding.

How to use Eloflex – an innovative stretchable sewing thread from Coats

How to use Eloflex – an innovative stretchable sewing thread from Coats

Do you want to sew knits and stretchy woven fabric with a straight stitch of your regular sewing machine? You can do it with Eloflex – innovative stretchable thread from Coats. Just wind the bobbin with Eloflex thread and use the thread both in the needle and the bobbin to sew stretchy fabric. Eloflex thread is quite strong and it expands with the fabric so seams don’t pop out when stretched.

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