How to make a cute and very useful wrist pincushion:

step by step tutorial

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This wrist pincushion is not very common, but I really like to use it all the time in my sewing. It is so comfortable when I pin paper pattern pieces to the fabric, or when I take pins out of the cloth. I am so used to it that when I forgot to put it on my wrist, I still stick the pins to my bare arm habitually.

Sewing this pincushion will not be difficult even for a beginner.

You will need:

  • a small piece of yellow or red linen or cotton for the middle of the flower
  • a bigger piece of printed cotton for 6 petals and the wrist band
  • threads in tone
  • 1 plastic plate
  • stuffing material
  • Velcro tape
  • fabric glue, scissors

Make necessary pattern pieces

For this just use regular paper. Draw a circle with the diameter of 8 cm (or 3 in), cut it with scissors for paper (not with your sewing scissors)

For the petal pattern draw a rectangle 8 x11 cm ( or 3 x 4 ¼ in), cut it, fold it in half along the long side and draw a line as shown in this image on the right.  Cut the petal.

Cut out 6 petal pieces from the printed cotton, using your pattern. Cut them exactly along the drawn contour.


Fold each piece in half right side of the fabric up. Thread your needle with a double thread, cut the thread a little longer than usual. Sew by hand small running stitches along the cutting line.

Pull the thread, gathering the fabric and making a petal. Don’t cut the thread yet. Do the same with the second piece, and with the third, etc. Put all the petals one after another on the same thread.




So, we got the flower. Fix the first and the last petal with small basting stitches so that the structure does not fall apart.

Now cut the circle from the red or yellow fabric. Make a running stitch at the very edge of the circle, leaving the thread with the needle.
Cut a smaller circle (around 4.5 cm) from plastic. This is absolutely necessary to protect your arm from pricking with pins while using the pincushion.

Slightly pull the thread, tightly filling the pocket with filler. In the end, insert the small plastic circle you made from a plastic plate, and tighten the thread to the end as much as possible. Secure the thread, but don’t cut it yet. With the same thread, sew the resulting part into the middle of the flower.

Now make the fabric band for your wrist

For this, cut a rectangle piece of printed cotton about 9 x 24 cm (the calculation of the length of the band was made for my hand; this part may have a different length if your wrist is narrower or wider than mine). Fold both short ends in about 2 cm and press. Fold the rectangle with right sides together, baste and stitch with the seam allowances 1 cm. Turn it right side out, baste and press. Topstitch the band. Secure small pieces of Velcro tape to each end of the band (so it would overlap for fastening) with a fabric glue and stitch them around the edges with your machine.

Attach the flower to the band with the fabric glue and some hand stitches – and you are done.

So, this pincushion is ready for pins. Please, enter your pin!tongue-outtongue-outtongue-out

Do you like it? Did you make one for yourself? Or are you still using a regular mass-

produced tomato pincushion?

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  1. billie turner

    I am excited to have come across your blog there is so much I will learn thank you.

    • Olga Balasa

      Thank you! I am happy that my blog is useful. And I would be even happier if you share your experience with me.

    • Hema udasi pandey

      Thanku very much for this video

      • Olga Balasa

        Thank you! I am glad you liked it!

  2. Lilian

    Hi, just came across your blog today as I was checking out something on Pintrest I love your articles, they are funny and inspiring. I am a budding sewing enthusiast (not a sewer) and I know I will benefit a lot from your posts.

    • Olga Balasa

      Thank you, Lilian! Happy to hear that! I love what I am doing and I hope my articles are useful for sewing enthusiasts.

      • Name *mirta

        hola, gracias por compartir tu sabiduria, es justo lo que necesitaba, lo voy a hacer, gracias.

  3. Jane

    Very helpful blog thank you

    • Olga Balasa

      Thank you very much!

  4. Patty McGill

    Thanks so very, very much for this neat wrist pin cushion. I’ve been wanting to make one & now you’ve showed me how. I have just one question. How do you attach the pin cushion to the wrist band? Thanks again for this super idea & helpful instructions.

    • Olga Balasa

      Thank you! I attached the pincushion to the wrist band with fabric glue. It holds really well and I don’t think I will ever do laundry with my pincushion so the glue is not going to be washed out.

  5. Indriani

    Tank you,i am from indonesia

  6. Debbie

    Great instructions. Just finished my wrist pin cushion.

    • Olga Balasa

      Thank you, Debbie! Can you send me an image of your pincushion? I would like to show it on this page.

  7. Nalini

    Great instructions – I’ll try doing one very soon. Thank you.

    • Olga Balasa

      Thank you! Send me an image of your pincushion by email, please.

  8. Naomi Sexton

    Just finished my wrist pincushion. Thanks Olga for a great pattern. Will send a picture to your email. Very happy.

    Thank you!!


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