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How to make off-shoulder dress SLEEVE pattern

These are instructions for drafting an off-shoulder dress sleeve pattern.

For off-shoulder dress front and back pattern, go to this link.

For the sleeve pattern, everything is pretty much the same, as for the front and back of the dress only the sleeve is shorter and narrower. 

Draw a vertical line and mark 4 points on this line.

A1H is the length of the sleeve. Just measure it (the length you want) using a tape measure. So it will be different for everybody. I made mine 12 inches long for my dress. 

A A1 is equal A A2 and it is 1.5 inches for all sizes

Line A1H is the center line and the grainline.  Cut the pattern ON FOLD. 

Draw a perpendicular to the line A A1 in point A1 and mark point D. Distance A1D is 7 inches for all sizes

Draw two more the same lines in point A and A2. 

Draw a perpendicular line from point D and mark point D1 at the distance 6 inches for all sizes

Continue the line and mark point D2 at the distance 3 inches for all sizes

Draw a perpendicular line in point D2 and mark point E at the distance 2 inches

Draw a perpendicular line in point E. Line EI is parallel to line A1H. Draw a perpendicular line in point H. Mark point I. The distance HI is 7 inches plus 2 inches equal 9 inches. 

Distance EI = A1H minus 9 inches (it’s 3 inches in my case and in your case too if you made line A1H equal 12 inches). 

Draw line D2E1 = 1 inch. The line divides the 90 degrees corner in half. 

Connect points D1E1E with a curved line. 

Seam allowances are included and they are about ¼ inch. 

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