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Robes and dressing gowns are the common clothing to wear at home. In this tutorial I will show you step-by-step how to sew a silk robe – fast, nice and without a pattern. Just cut and sew. But first let me say a few words why I chose to make the robe.

After a hard work day, when you have to sit, walk or stand hours in not the most comfortable, sometimes even compressive and tightening clothes, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable when you come home. And a practical and elegant silk robe can become your favorite thing to wear at home.

We try to look our best when we go to work, to party, to meet friends, even to shop.  But at home many allow themselves to relax and not bother with the choice of clothing.

What is our regular home outfit? T-shirt and shorts. Of course they are good if you are cleaning the house or cooking dinner. But isn’t it better to change baggy well-worn shorts and an old t-shirt with a few oily spots and put on a silk robe when we are reading a book, or sitting at a computer, or watching TV, or talking to friends or family? Or maybe when you are at home the last thing you care about is how you look? I think a woman in any situation should always look attractive and stylish.

What if you are a housewife or work from home and your husband works in a women’s team? In this situation you especially need to take care how you look at home. Why? Because during the day your husband is surrounded by well-dressed women (with make-up, manicure, stylish hairdo also). No matter how strong feelings are, over time a man more and more senses the difference if the wife doesn’t care how she looks at home.

You can buy a silk robe (mostly online, I think). They are not very expensive and the choice is big. They come in a variety of colors, cuts, lengths, and designs. But what they sell is mostly a thing to wear a few minutes at home – just a lot of lace and always with belts. I never saw a silk robe with a very convenient zipper closure for example. Belts are not very comfortable with silk robes – the fabric is very smooth and slippery and always sliding so you have to be on lookout always. But if you sew you can make it exactly as you like meeting all your requirements and desires. As you will see below, it’s quite easy to sew a robe, and most importantly – it’s useful!

Why do I want to sew a robe from silk fabric? Because it is such comfortable, breathable, luxurious fabric that it’s considered “Queen of textiles” for few thousand years. Silk fabric is extremely soft and pleasant to touch. It doesn’t irritate even sensitive skin and you feel like you are hardly wearing anything at all. It caresses your body, it is free of any chemicals and contains only natural substances. Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics, helps decrease skin’s loss of moisture and because of this promotes rejuvenation of the skin, prevents to some degree effects of aging and relieves dry, flaky skin conditions by locking moisture in and ensuring it stays on your skin. If you would like to know more about benefits of silk fabric check out my article “Great benefits of pure silk fabric” . I will never make a robe from synthetic fibers!

I like my home clothes to be not only convenient and practical but also elegant. So I have chosen semi-fitting design with smooth silhouette lines. I want a robe that looks good on any figure, that emphasizes best features and successfully marks shortcomings. I don’t want it too loose or too fitted or too long or with the very open neckline.

I think also that frills, raffles, lace inserts and all kind of trims are usually good for home clothes. But everything should be in moderation. Avoid extremes when choosing clothes to wear at home. Extravagant laces attached to every seam, infantile prints, and goods from a sex shop will not be always suitable. In-home clothes, simple, comfortable and discreet, you can meet sudden guests or an electrician, without fear that they will think that you are prepared for the arrival of someone else.


So, let’s now recap what robe I would like to sew and why I can’t find it easily for sale in stores.

  1. I want a silk robe (but don’t want it to cost a fortune, it is a dress for home not for going out)
  2. I don’t want it just for 10 minutes wear, I want to lounge around my house in it for hours.
  3. I want it with zipper or button closure (not just with a belt, which is not comfortable)
  4. I don’t want it too short or too long ( I want it to be comfortable, right?)
  5. I want to feel good in it so it has to be roomy enough for lifting, flexing, and waving my arms around.
  6. I don’t want it a solid color, prints are better because I can wear it without fear that every drop of water can destroy the garment.
  7. I want it with some sleeves to cover my arms ( but not too long that they become inconvenient)
  8. I don’t want it completely shapeless and baggy, I want it to have some shape to show off my curves.
  9. I want it to be decorated with some trims and buttons but don’t want it to have too much of them so it becomes really over decorated.
  10. I want to be able to wash it in water (not dry cleaned only) – this is a dress for home wear, who can afford dry cleaning for home clothes? By the way, if you would like to know how to wash silk clothes at home check out my article “Some secrets of silk fabric care: preparing silk fabric for sewing; washing and ironing silk garments and bedding”

So with all this in mind, what choices do I have to be able to buy one? I think absolutely none.

That’s why I can sew a silk robe and I am going to show you how easily you can make one too – even without a pattern. But of course you will need to have some sewing skills and some essential sewing tools. This project is not intended for a complete beginner.

I am always wondering why some people (who know how to sew) make t-shirts and jeans (for example) at home; it must be a passion I think because you go to any clothing store and there are so many kinds of jeans and t-shirts for any figure (and any color and size you want, really) and they are really cheap (I think if you buy fabric and make them they will be even more expensive) . I advise you to make something you can’t buy in stores or is very expensive to buy, like this silk robe for example.

In this tutorial I am going to outline simple steps to create the loose-fitting robe without a pattern. But have in mind this will by no means compete with the complex drafting systems that are available now. I am not an haute couture shop, I am simply an enthusiast and for my purposes this is faster. I like very much to use commercial patterns and most of my garments were sewn with Burda patterns. But sometimes I like just to cut and sew simple things without any pattern and it works for me really well.

So, I published the video tutorial on YouTube and there are two parts. Part 1 is about cutting the fabric and part 2 is about actual sewing. Sorry for my English, but I tried my best.

I’ve been sewing for a long time, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you.

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