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Below is a collection of helpful, useful, entertaining, interesting guides, step-by-step tutorials and expert tips that will help you to learn sewing and achieve professional results.

I would love to say it is easy and fast. But I won’t. Because I am trying to be honest. Because sewing is not like slapping together fabric pieces and hoping to make something from them. There is quite a lot that goes into sewing.

So start learning today because there is a lot to learn.

Food Recipes

Frikadelki – Russian Meatball Soup Recipe

Frikadelki – Russian Meatball Soup Recipe

The Russian meatball soup recipe Frikadelki is a staple of the … American cuisine. I am in America and it’s a staple of my cuisine.  I wonder if anyone questioned the “American Cuisine” concept. What IS that, American Cuisine? Burgers and fries? Probably...