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Fabric conversion calculator

Use this fabric measurements calculator to easily convert between inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters

Do you want to know how many inches are in a yard of fabric? How to convert inches to yards of fabric? How many centimeters, or yards, or feet  are in 83 inches? Use this fabric conversion calculator. 

The calculator below is created for FABRIC MEASUREMENTS ONLY and will convert the input in m/cm/in/ft/yd and common subdivisions

It will ROUND UP the number to the next subdivision when the result exceeds certain tolerances. For example, 30.54cm will convert to

    • – 30.5 cm ( 30 cm 5 mm )
    • – 0.305m
    • – 12 1/16″ ( the actual result is 12.0236ft, 12 1/16″ is in reality 12.0625″)
    • – 1 ft ( the actual result is 1.001ft)
    • – 3/8 yards ( the actual result is 0.33399 yards, 3/8 yards is in reality 0.375)
Inch: + /16
Foot: + in
Yard: + /8

Always remember: measure twice before your first cut!

You may also find useful the Fabric Yardage Conversion Chart below.

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fabric conversion calculator

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