Darning with a sewing machine quickly fixes holes in outfits. Let me show you how to sew a hole without it showing

Don’t throw those old favorite outfits - make them like new again with these steps.

 In my tutorial, I show you how to sew a hole in pants and do an invisible repair using a sewing machine.

The darning “patch” blends seamlessly with the garment.

Cut a piece of fusible interfacing-a little  larger than the affected area. This helps reinforce the stitching later, so it doesn’t come undone again! Use a hot iron & press.. 

Prepare the area

Prepare your sewing machine

Choose a special darning stitch, check the settings. 

Very important: Choose the thread! It should be the same color as a garment you are fixing so you repair a hole without it showing.

To use a darning stitch, you need to insert a buttonhole presser foot.

I have a list of the sewing machines with the darning stitch in my tutorial. Check it out to see if your machine makes the list!

The machine goes over the same area back & forth, basically sewing parallel lines next to each other.

 Until you have the whole damaged area covered in stitches. 


Adjust the evenness of darning stitches according to the number of layers of fabric.

You can adjust darning stitch settings - adjust thread tension according to fabric thickness

If the hole is big, do another set of stitching next to that, ensuring that the stitches completely cover the hole .

Here’s what the darning area looks like when finished. See how the darning stitches aren’t visible.

With the darning stitch you can easily sew a hole without it showing.

Don't forget to iron the area!