So grateful that the days of shapeless clothing are gone now ! Darts give a sleek, fitted look to your dress.

Learn how to sew darts correctly


Transfer Darts From A Pattern- Crucial Step!

Pin 2 layers of fabric & pattern. Stick pins through all layers at the points of dart and dart’s legs.


Flip the fabric. Mark the spots where you see the pins. Flip again, lift up paper pattern and mark darts on fabric under the pattern. Draw the darts on both pieces of fabric using the markings.

OR  just transfer darts using tracing paper and a tracing wheel

Just place carbon paper between your fabric and the paper pattern and mark lines of the dart with a tracing wheel.

Step 3

Its better to baste the dart before stitching

Use pins. The goal of pinning darts is to match the dart legs together so that the center line runs through the apex. Or baste the dart by hand sewing.

Step 4 - How to sew darts without puckering

Step 5

Continue Stitching & tie off your thread

Sew very close to the folded edge of the fabric. Stitch  2 or 3 stitches right into the fold of the fabric, then off the end of the fabric. Do not backstitch

Double point darts are just 2 straight darts, joined at their widest edges. Sewing these darts is just a little trickier than straight darts. But, if you follow the process in the tutorial it will be so easy!

Sewing Double Point Darts

There are a few special instances where you will need to slightly alter the process, I mentioned above.

For darts in thick fabric, cut the dart open with scissors before pressing to reduce the bulk.

Cut some of the fabric in the middle to make a cutaway dart & reduce the bulk

For a very wide dart

Creating a professional-looking dart isn’t difficult. But it takes a little knowledge.

Check out the whole article.

It gives you all the information you need & you’re ready to create form-fitting clothes!