Lined Circle

Do you know if the fabric you’re currently working with is knit or woven? 

 Both types of fabric behave very differently. Treating one like the other can cause big problems with your projects


How are knits made?

Look closely - you can see the actual “knits” -Tiny columns of loops in a V shape. 

 And on the back of this piece there are also tiny columns of loops with little bumps. This is the popular  JERSEY FABRIC.

There are so many  new types of knits that can make your projects even more fun and rewarding.

Telio ?

scuba ?

Neoprene ?

spandex ?

Novelty ?

Boucle knits

Made from boucle yarn. Has a knotty, looped appearance & a unique texture. Great for sweaters, cardigans, scarves.

Double knits

Double knit has two faces. It’s thicker & doesn’t stretch much.

Lightweight knit with fluid drape- DTY knits are not too stretchy,  often brushed on both sides for superior softness.

Faux leather knit

Made synthetically & NOT from animal hide!  Makes stretch legging, lightweight jackets, structured dresses

DTY knit- drawn, textured yarn

Difficult to recognize but gaining popularity. Lightweight fabric with fluid drape . Good for stylish cardigans, comfy sweaters, dresses.

Mesh knit

Loosely knitted fabric with evenly spaced holes. Makes athletic garments and lining of swimwear as it provides ventilation and breathability.

Hatchi knit

Textured look, created by double-knit construction. It stretches well. Makes great form fitting apparel. 

Ponte de Roma

Best part - this  fabric often looks like wool, but it can be repeatedly washed. Easy to sew with all kinds of sewing machines

Also called spandex or elastane. Highly elastic, makes great activewear like leggings, leotards & swimwear. Also used in dance clothing.

This fabric is perfect for your next fun & cool project.  Forget about wearing boring old t-shirts; it’s time to spice things up!

Lycra knit

Novelty knit

Just like the Interlock knit, but the yarn used for making this fabric is twisted (it’s not visible to the naked eye). So the knit fabric has more elasticity, has some sheen and is super soft.

Interlock Twist Yarn (ITY )Interlock Twist Yarn (ITY )

Is made by creating pleats in the fabric during the knitting process. This fabric has a shiny surface, which reflects light beautifully- makes great wedding dresses, evening wear and formalwear


The fabric’s pile is made by an extra set of yarns that loop back and refasten under the base fabric. The loops are then cut to create the velvet surface. They have good stretch.



Velour resembles velvet in appearance.