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What you  will need

Wash away stabilizer flannel fabric modern embroidery machine with a big hoop 9 ½” x 14”

You can use any 100% cotton fabric you like for this project – just ensure to choose something soft and comfortable on your child's skin so that your little one is comfortable wearing it.

Step 1

Load the baby bib in the hoop embroidery design onto your machine

Step 2

Don’t change the order of steps in the design

Choose the thread for the fabric Christmas tree baby bib

Use only one layer of water-soluble stabilizer for baby bibs

Step 3

It’s really important to hoop stabilizer correctly so it has proper tension and doesn’t move within the hoop at all.

You can use t-pins to hold the stabilizer in the hoop better.

Scribbled Arrow

Step 4

Start the first step of the embroidery design and make a placement stitch on the stabilizer.

Step 5

Stitch bib fabric and batting to the stabilizer

Cut out the cotton flannel fabric to the shape of the bib.But don't unhoop yet!

Step 6


For this try using Duckbill Scissors !

Lay different color fabric pieces over their placement lines. Run the next 5 steps of the  embroidery design

Step 7

Step 8

Cut out the applique fabrics

Step 9

Place the cotton flannel fabric (a rectangle 11” x 14”) under the hoop making sure that the fabric covers the bib completely.

Step 10

Finish the appliques on the baby bib with satin stitches

Remove the hoop and trim the batting and the back fabric

Step 11

Run the last step of the design, cut away the excess water soluble stabilizer, wash in warm water.

Last Step

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