The only hand sewing stitch you need for

Invisible stitch by hand



Repairing a tear in your favorite pillow,

Hemming pants , skirts & curtains

Attatching patches

Finish waistbands on skirts and pants

Finishing sleeveless armholes


You can prolong the life of many things



Soft toys


Expensive leather products

Even save money on alterations if you can easily repair holes in expensive

Invisible stitch by hand

Quick video clip

Sewing a hidden stitch is simple and doesn’t require special skills

But to make a beautiful and really hidden stitch you should follow these steps.

Pull out the needle from inside of the item so that the knot is hidden in the fold.

 Run the needle through the fold so that the working thread comes out exactly from the fold of the fabric.

Move to the opposite side of the opening and insert the needle close to the starting point, grab 2-6 mm (1/16 - 1/4 in)  of fabric with the needle connecting the two parts

Make sure the needle is going directly into the fold.

Move to the opposite side again and grab 2-6 mm (1/16 - ¼ in)  of fabric.

Pull the thread until the stitch is hidden in the crease between the fabric folds.

Continue until you come to the end of the opening, pulling the thread every couple of stitches

Don’t tighten the thread!

As you can see even if I used a white thread for a green pillow the stitch I made is completely invisible and the white thread disappears inside the fabric folds

Completely Invisible!

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