All About Fusible Interfacing


What's Fusible Interfacing? Which type of interfacing suits your project !?

fused on the wrong side

used to stiffen collars and cuffs

used to prevent fabric fraying

used to sew bags & purses


Fusible Interfacing is   

a material that is attached to fabric by heat to add stiffness to the fabric

There are many types of fusible Interfacing - each used for a different type of project 

Which One Do You Need ? Check the detailed tutorial on my site for more info

Pre-wash Fabric Press Fabric Place fusible side of interfacing on the  wrong side of fabric Press with a hot iron.

details in Tutorial

How to fuse interfacing

 Do You Use a Steam Iron Or Dry Iron?

The Manufacturer's Guide will tell you

Do You Keep the Manufacturer's Instructions ? 

Interfacing Not Sticking?

1. Try to pre-wash your fabric. 2.  Or change the type of interfacing 3. If the fabric is textured, try sew in interfacing then..

What Can Go Wrong?

What can be the solution?

Many more solutions

Can't find the fusible side?

Look for specks of glue, bumpy texture

Find it then mark it!

Can you wash fusible interfacing?

How do you remove interfacing from fabric?

All Yours Questions Answered 

Can you wash fusible interfacing?

How to remove it from the iron?