A bobbin is a very important part of a sewing machine and winding it correctly can save you a lot of grief.

Quick video on winding a bobbin

Follow these steps


Start with an empty bobbin. Always wind the bobbin before threading the machine.

Follow these steps


Pass the thread from the spool through the thread guide and through the bobbin winding tension disk.



Pass the thread end, from inside, through the small hole in the rim of the bobbin. Make sure the cut is clean and free of fibers.



Secure the thread on the bobbin from unwinding, just wind a few layers of thread by hand covering the thread tail.



Place the bobbin on the spool pin and cut the thread tail.



Lock the bobbin winder and start the machine.

Even if threading a bobbin is a simple process something can go wrong

Check my detailed tutorial on how to thread a bobbin


If you cut the thread end when it’s not covered by a few layers of the thread it may unwind

Always make sure he thread is not going to unwind. Put a few layers of thread on the bobbin by hand or by sewing machine.

Many more solutions in the link below

You can use a separate bobbin winder to do the job!