Buttonholes are an essential part of sewing. But when you need to actually sew them, it seems like a daunting task. Luckily, with the right tools and knowledge, making beautiful buttonholes is easy!

A tutorial on my site will teach you everything you need to know about using your machine's buttonhole presser foot so that you can create perfect buttonholes every time

The buttonhole presser foot is an odd-looking attachment that replaces your standard presser foot to help make sewing holes for buttons a cinch

There are many types of buttonhole presser feet. I have described each in my tutorial so you know which one you own & can learn how to use it perfectly

1 step buttonhole Machine uses an automatic presser foot & creates a buttonhole without stopping!

4 step buttonhole Machine pauses after each step, waits for permission to go on

Most popular is the automatic buttonhole presser foot. It has a slot in the back of the foot to hold the button  & works with a sensor. It creates a perfect size buttonhole for the button.

Sliding buttonhole presser foot makes 4 step buttonholes . The sliding foot has markings & gives full view of the buttonhole markings to help you accurately make a correctly-sized hole

The process is different for each type of presser feet but when followed correctly, it will make buttonhole making a breeze!

You will need to  select a buttonhole stitch you wish to use. It's usually drawn on the machine. Attaching  a buttonhole presser foot is so easy. Usually just snap it on.

The buttonhole lever must be positioned behind the metal bracket on the buttonhole foot (for most machines). Now the sewing machine makes the buttonhole exactly the size you need

When you start sewing, just feed the fabric gently & the machine does all the work. It will sew the buttonhole and stop when the buttonhole is complete

Well, it seems easy enough, right? But of course sometimes it goes wrong.

For any troubleshooting visit this link below.

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