Are you sure you know how to sew a button? 

We need this more often than we think we do! And a missing button really makes a difference in your appearance

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

It’s easy but a few small tricks will ensure your button stays strong and looks nice. As if it was never off! I will show you how to sew a button with 4 holes

Check the link below the video for complete step-by-step instructions

Find a matching button. For thick fabric like denim and cotton, use a bigger size needle than for silk and rayon pants. Use a strong thread & the strongest are special button sewing threads

If the button is not positioned perfectly the job looks clumsy & spoils the whole outfit. Look for old button sewing marks. You’ll easily find the right spot.

Start by placing the knot on right side of fabric so it gets covered behind the button. Place button and sew through the holes. Stitch through each hole 5-6 times ensuring button is securely in place

A Great Tip!

To avoid sewing the button too tight keep a toothpick between the holes on the button. Use scotch tape to keep the toothpick still. Check the tutorial on my site for detailed instructions


After sewing wrap the thread a few times around underneath the button. This will create some kind of shank. Secure stitches.


If your button has 4 holes you can sew it crosswise or using parallel stitches. It should match other buttons on the garment

There are other types of buttons. Some buttons don't have holes, they already have a shank . Check the tutorial on my site for complete step-by-step instructions with video.