The AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutter  is a great solution for cutting fabric for quilting fast.

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Do you know how to  cut 84 small pieces of fabric for this quilted pillow sham FAST?

It seemed it would take up way too much time for me to work on and I didn’t have time to spend hours cutting all these small pieces of fabric.

I could do it manually, using a rotary cutter.

But I decided to use a cutting machine - AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutter. It’s a die-cutting machine that uses different dies to accurately and precisely cut different shapes.

So I cut all these 84 small pieces in about 15 minutes and I was filming it. Without my camera work, I would cut them in half the time.

So Easy!!

The AccuQuilt Go fabric cutter came with the AccuQuilt dies. They are metal squares you can use to create precise and accurate cuts.

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For my quilted pillow sham, I decided to use the pattern that came with the machine.

 The card says what dies I need to use and how many pieces to cut for the block. So Easy!

Prepare the fabric for cutting

So, step 1


Use the die and the cutting mat and just push against the roller and turn the handle.

Step 2

Continue to use different dies to cut more fabric, in different sizes and shapes

When I discovered AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutter  I was just wondering why I didn’t buy that cutter years ago. It's just that great !

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