Hem tape is a very useful tool for quick hems and repairs, but it can be confusing for a beginner. I’m answering the most common questions about iron-on hem tape for you.

Hem tape

It makes hemming so easy!

Cut your hem tape to the same length (or better slightly more, ½”) as the hem or tear you’re using it for.

Step 1

Create a hem in the material by folding it to the desired width and press the hem with a hot iron.

.........Step 2

Insert the double sided iron-on  tape into the hem area between the layers of fabric. Avoid having your tape come in direct contact with your iron because it will melt on your iron and make a huge mess.

Step 3

Press and follow the instructions on the hem tape package.

You’ll likely need your iron on a medium to medium high setting so it’s hot enough.

If you’re pressing a delicate fabric, use a pressing cloth

Step 4

More useful tips in the link

Allow the fabric to cool and check the seal. The tape fuses as it cools, so if you check your seal immediately after ironing while the fabric is still hot, it may not seem like it worked even if it did. Also, you have the potential for sliding or shifting the hem and messing it up.

Step 5

FAQ  on hem tape

Can hem tape be washed?

Yes, as it’s designed to be a permanent replacement for sewing, it’s also able to withstand many washings.

Does hem tape work on jeans?

Yes, just use heavyweight tape to ensure that it’s sticky enough to create a good seal.

Tips and Reminders for Using Hem Tape

01 Do not leave your hem tape exposed as it will melt on the iron

02 Press down firmly with the iron. Hold briefly to let the tape get hot, then release

03 If the adhesion isn’t strong, your iron wasn’t hot enough


More tips in link