How To Sew A Buttonhole By Hand

Tips to help making the buttonhole stitch by hand.

New York, no stranger to being on the go, makes it minimal this time.

Practice on scrap fabric from which the item is sewn

Sew with a single thread

Observe the density and length of stitches. Do not tighten the thread too much.

More Tips in the link below

Sewing buttonholes by hand requires extreme precision and care.

What thread to use?

For fine lightweight silk fabric use 100% silk thread. 

For thick wool or any heavyweight fabric use Pearl cotton, embroidery thread #10.

Use a special beeswax to condition the thread before use. 

For hand sewn buttonhole I use double sided fusible interfacing or fusible web. 

Mark the button hole, few millimeters extra on each side. Mark area for the needle to stitch. 

Scribbled Arrow

Cut the buttonhole with a cutting tool & clear the threads 

Use a loop style buttonhole stitch and go in from under making a knot.


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Here is only a few seconds video


The buttonhole is done!