Leonis Instant Hem Tape is the perfect solution!The iron-on no-sew tape hems & seals the raw fabric edge in one quick action.

Are you looking for a quick & easy way to hem your pants without sewing?


– It comes in a variety of colors and blends seamlessly

It has many benefits:

– It’s very easy to apply

– It’s durable

It’s a great alternative to common fusible hem tape that appears stiff in hems

The Leonis hemming tape creates natural-looking hemlines

with 6 different color choices available to match different items of clothing. You can also get it with various lengths: 5.5 yards or 11 yards.

The Leonis instant hem tape usually stays firm for a long time and doesn't come off even after washing or dry cleaning. I tried this myself.

This hemming tape is made from FABRIC and creates a much more flexible hem than common non-woven fusible web tapes that usually harden the fabric. 


Let’s me show you really quickly how to use it. You’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions in my tutorial. Step 1. Measure and cut the pants to the desired length. Click the link below on how to do it


Fold the fabric at the new hemline and press with a hot iron to make a crease. Measure and cut Leonis hem tape ensuring you have enough to go all the way around

Soak the Leonis hem tape in water for a few seconds before you apply it. This helps to activate the adhesive. Squeeze out the water. Ensure the tape is totally wet. Otherwise, it will not work.

Place the tape on your hem with the fusible side down. The Leonis hem tape has only one side that’s fusible. It’s easy to find the adhesive side as it has white shiny threads. Press for 10 secs

Don’t use with leather, silk, nylon, water resistant fabric

Some tips on using Leonis Hem Tap

Don’t use it with stretch fabric or knits

Don’t make a double-fold hem

Click the link for more helpful tips