Beginner and intermediate sewing projects –

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Some of these projects are very easy and great for beginners but if you would rather do more intricate things I have plenty of projects to challenge you. Check them out, I am sure you will find something you would like to make. You can totally do it, too!

DIY mesh laundry bag in the hoop
DIY mesh laundry bag: in-the-hoop sewing tutorial  In this sewing tutorial, I want to show you how to sew a ...
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Learn how to make a zippered pouch without dented corners and how to sew a makeup bag with a zipper. If you are wondering how to make a zipper pouch youtube there is a detailed video about sewing a pouch with zipper tabs. Interested in zippered pouch tutorial flat bottom? My zipper pouch has the flat bottom.
The mystery of a zippered pouch with lining: how to sew a pouch without dented cornersThis is my first attempt ...
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DIY tablet case from cork fabric with embroidery
DIY tablet case/cover sewing tutorial Would you like to make your own stylish case/cover for your iPad or Kindle? Yes? ...
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first time quilting project fold'nstitch wreath
First time quilting: Fold 'n Stitch wreath tutorial If you don’t want to read introduction go right away toWhat you ...
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My guide Gifts for sewers 2018
35+ awesome gifts for your favorite seamstress 2019 Does your mom (or maybe grandma, sister, daughter, wife, friend) love to ...
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This is a sewing tutorial on how to sew a pillow for Halloween decoration #Halloween
DIY Halloween crafts : how to sew a pillow for Halloween decor Note: Some of the links on this page ...
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Create a fabric storage bin with this easy sewing tutorial
How to cover a box with fabric and create a perfect storage for any space In this tutorial, I will ...
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Easy sewing projects, DIY silk robe without a pattern, patternless sewing, beginner sewing projects, learn to sew clothes
Robes and dressing gowns are the common clothing to wear at home. In this tutorial I will show you step-by-step ...
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DIY fabric headband
DIY fabric headbands: step-by-step tutorial Headbands are cute hair accessories and often are not only practical but also fashionable. I ...
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DIY sleep mask, sleep mask pattern pdf, how to make a sleep mask easy, quick sleep mask easy, decorate your own sleep eye mask, diy sleep face mask, free sleep mask pattern
DIY sleep mask from 100% silk fabric I made two silk pillowcases recently (you can find a step-by-step tutorial on ...
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DIY pillowcase, envelope pillowcase, how to sew pillowcase, pure silk fabric, natural silk fabric, easy sewing projects for beginners, easy things to sew at home, sew for home, sewing projects for the home, best sewing idea, easy projects to sew at home, things to sew for home, #sewingproject, #sewingtutorial, #diy, #easysewing.
DIY silk pillowcase for a better and healthier sleep There is no more sensitive skin than on your face. So ...
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DIY fitted sheet, fitted sheet tutorial, pure silk fabric, natural silk fabric, easy sewing projects for beginners, easy things to sew at home, sew for home, sewing projects for the home, best sewing idea, easy projects to sew at home, things to sew for home, #sewingproject, #sewingtutorial, #diy, #easysewing.
How to sew a fitted sheet (from 100% silk fabric) Recently I visited Canada, and one of the main Canadian ...
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make a dress in 30 minute, easy sewing project pin for Pinterest
How to make a dress that is stylish, flattering and fun in 30 minutes without a patternDo you like fun, ...
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How to make a winter coat, making a winter coat, how to sew a winter coat, sewing a coat, how to sew a winter jacket, winter coat fabric, how to sew a coat, coat cutting and sewing, learn sewing
Winter coat: to sew or not to sew? I open my closet door and meticulously evaluate my wardrobe. It would ...
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this set was absolutely perfect after taking a shower. It’s also very convenient to use by the pool, in the spa, in the gym locker room. It’s perfect to have while doing all your daily skin care routines. It provides plenty of coverage, doesn’t fall down and the elastic at the top and Velcro closure create a flattering fit.
How to sew a bathrobe and a hair drying shower cap from terry towelsThis guide is a step-by-step sewing tutorial ...
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free standing lace embroidery pin for Pinterest
Unexpected way of using free standing lace embroidery I'm sure there are lots of shoe lovers among people who sew, ...
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Halloween sewing projects: DIY off-shoulder top I like to dress a little special sometimes. And my imagination never ends when ...
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How to sew a skirt
How to make a reversible skirt with an elastic waist without a pattern In this sewing tutorial, I want to ...
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DIY pencil skirt from pink leather with silk lining and lace embellishment.
Simple sewing projects: DIY pencil skirt I love wearing skirts. Better yet, I love wearing skirts that I’ve made myself ...
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how to make pleated skirt pin for Pinterest
How to make a pleated skirt: DIY box pleated midi skirt In this sewing tutorial, I will show you how ...
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Blue dress
How to sew a dress and stand out in a crowd (The secret? Make this blue dress) In this article ...
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This is a video tutorial on how to upcycle clothing.
Scrap is not always crap, or how to make something out of nothing I see that more and more people ...
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