Sewing with leather – tips, tricks and projects

This is a tutorial on how to sew leather with a domestic sewing machine.
How to sew thin leather easily with a regular sewing machine Leather is very likely the first material used by ...
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This is the second part of my tutorial on sewing leather. I am going to show you some leather stitching techniques, how to prepare and use patterns for sewing leather on a home sewing machine and what closures to use for leather garments. #sewing #sewingtutorial #sewingtip
More tips, tricks, and techniques for sewing leather In the first part of my tutorial about sewing leather on a ...
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How to make a leather purse. Part 2. This is the second part of my tutorial on making a leather ...
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How to make a leather purse Did you ever want to make a leather purse yourself? I always wanted but ...
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