Open letter to Pinterest


Dear Pinterest,

I was in love with you but now my heart is broken. Saturday night I found out that my account was suspended. And I didn’t get any email from you explaining what I did wrong. Yes, I looked in my spam folder, nothing from you there.

I started to use my Pinterest business account for my blog a little over a year ago. I love to sew, that’s my passion in life though I am not a professional seamstress. But for the last 30 years, I learned so many sewing techniques that I thought I would try to share what I’ve learned with the world. And where are the people who like to sew? On Pinterest! So I wrote a few sewing tutorials and made pins for them. I had no idea how to make pins and it took me the whole day to make just 3 pins. But one of them got viral somehow and brought over 2000 users to my new blog in one day. That’s when I realized how powerful Pinterest is. From that day I was growing my account little by little and now I have (or better say, had) more than 7000 followers.

I saw that people loved my tutorials and I tried very hard to create more and more and made many pins for them because that’s how I could reach people, right? That first viral pin has now over 25 000 repins. And I had many more viral pins after that, I guess I learned how to make pins the way people liked. I have many comments on my blog where people say that they love my tutorials. Read just a few of them:

  • I always enjoy and learn from your reviews. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  • Olga, I have just discovered your blog and absolutely love it.
  • Your blog is wonderful Olga. You do an amazing job sewing your outfits. I too am a hobby sewer and have been sewing for myself and making decor for my home since high school. (That’s a few moons ago) lol. Keep up the great work….
  • I just came across your blog on Pinterest and love it!
  • Nice to have found your Blog. Wanting to get back into sewing projects. Been away from it for far too long.
  • Hello, Olga! I’ve been sewing for 50 years, professionally and otherwise, and have feared that sewing was becoming a lost art. It was so nice to find your blog!

Look, that’s the last message I got from you Saturday: you got 1436 saves and 62 followers.  And I honestly thought that you like me too.

So, what happened Saturday? That was the best day ever for me – two of my pins were going viral and I had almost 4000 people from Pinterest on my blog. And suddenly you shut the door without any warning, any hint about what I was doing to upset you that much.

Yes, you broke my heart. My followers can’t see my tutorials anymore, and I was just finishing my Valentine’s day project for them to read. Sewing enthusiasts are on Pinterest mostly so without you I can’t reach them anymore.

So I was thinking in the last days what I may have done so wrong that you decided to kill my account without even telling me that you started to hate me. Did I post too much? Did I make too many pins for every post? Did I use an image that may offend you? Well, I have no idea. I make most of the images myself and I bought some from Depositphotos. I am certainly not a spammer. But I want to reach as many people as I can. All my tutorials are free and I spend the whole week making one of them. I really enjoy to do it though. I don’t really monetize my blog yet, so I am not upset that I am losing $10 per day from ads on my blog without people from Pinterest. I am good at sewing and I am proud that people really love what I make. But of course I am not a good marketer and I make mistakes. I am just wondering what is that mistake that you considered fatal.

I loved you, really loved. You allowed me to bring my knowledge to so many people and make them happy. But you are not perfect either. Most of my pins were stolen at some point and I saw them every day in my home feed or in other places on Pinterest. You even suggested them to ME EVERY single day in your notifications. That was not good to see – pins with the image of myself pointing to someone else site.  I reported them from the beginning a lot but in the end, I just stopped, didn’t want to lose time for this anymore.

I know you have to deal with spammers but I am not one of them.

I don’t steal pins, no question about it. But once something happened on Tailwind’s ends (I use Tailwind to schedule my pins) and 3 pins from other blogs suddenly was pointing to my blog. It happened maybe 3 months ago but I noticed them right away, deleted them from my boards and reported the glitch to Tailwind. It didn’t happen anymore after that but maybe that’s what happened this Saturday and I didn’t notice it?

So, dear Pinterest, tell me please what was the reason for you to suspend my account. And maybe you can forgive me for that mistake because I want to continue helping people to learn sewing. And you know what’s strange? Yesterday I still had almost 2000 people from Pinterest on my blog even if you suspended my account.

Best regards,

Olga Balasa (you know me as Ageberry)