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Below is a collection of helpful, useful, entertaining, interesting guides, step-by-step tutorials and expert tips that will help you to learn sewing and achieve professional results.

I would love to say it is easy and fast. But I won’t. Because I am trying to be honest. Because sewing is not like slapping together fabric pieces and hoping to make something from them. There is quite a lot that goes into sewing.

So start learning today because there is a lot to learn.

Sew with organic and natural fabric

Sewing made simple: DIY panties tutorial (plus how to sew knits and how to attach elastic)

Sewing made simple: DIY panties tutorial (plus how to sew knits and how to attach elastic)

In this sewing tutorial, I will show you how to sew your own panties. This sewing project is quite easy and fast but there can be some small difficulties where you can get stuck (for example, while attaching elastic). You are going to learn some techniques on how to sew with knit fabric, how to make a pattern from ready-made clothes, how to sew elastic, etc.

How to prevent pilling and get lint off clothes

How to prevent pilling and get lint off clothes

Let’s talk about fabric pilling: what causes pilling (lint balls), how to remove pilling from clothes and how to prevent it. It’s not unusual to have a black pair of pants, coming out of the washer and to your surprise, they don’t look as black as they used to! They are full of white fuzzy spots! What is THAT? I have heard many terms describing this. So I researched; the phenomenon is known under the name of “fabric pilling”, or “lint”, or simply “fuzz balls” because this is what it looks like. So, in this article, I will show you many ways to remove lint from clothes using commercial products and regular household items.

Sewing machine cover  tutorial

Sewing machine cover tutorial

Our sewing machines need covers so dust and sunlight don’t get into the essential parts.
My Janome came with a plain white plastic cover which I used for years but I have always wanted to make some soft fabric cover which looks beautiful and cute. And as I started to do some simple quilting I have decided that quilted sewing machine cover is a good beginner quilting project.

So, in this tutorial, I will show you how I made the cover piecing and quilting in the hoop with my modern embroidery machine (Babylock Destiny2).

4th of July refashioning ideas

4th of July refashioning ideas

How are you going to prepare for the 4th of July celebration this year? Here are a few inspirational ideas on how to refashion t-shirts/tank tops for the 4th of July holiday. All these cute DIY projects are pretty simple with minimal sewing so they are good for beginners and kids. Celebrate the 4th of July season in style with these free easy refashioning projects. Learn fabric manipulation techniques like reverse applique and faux chenille.

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